Another Look!

Hi All!

I have been thinking a lot recently about taking another look. Another look at purchases I have been pondering, reevaluating the want and or need for an item. Another look at education, which I was so so happy to break free from upon graduation, but knowing that I must continue to take opportunities to educate myself in order to grow. But most importantly, I have been thinking of those people that I have given another look. No, not those that have wronged me. Not the people who sought to drown me in negativity or anything of the sort. Those types of people don’t deserve my company, nor the satisfaction – or whatever they call it – of hurting me. Nor are those people deserving of YOU! I will give you 3 examples of “Another Looks!” that I am talking about.

1. My roommate, Stesha, from my sophomore year of college. Our freshman year, she lived in the same dorm as me. The only interaction we had was seeing each other in the hall (I think). All I thought of Stesha that entire year was that she was mean. Why did I formulate this opinion? Every time I saw her she had a blase face going on. At least, that is how I perceived it. Maybe she just had a bitchy resting face, or maybe I was just reading her wrong. And maybe we had other interactions, but they were few and far between.

Sophomore year, we got placed in the same on-campus apartment. There were 4 of us total, and we shared bedrooms with different people. But the fact that we were forced together – and I took another look at this person – made me realize that anything and everything I thought about her the previous year was a misconception. And you know what? She stood on the altar as one of my bridesmaids last weekend. And she didn’t have bitchy resting face 🙂

2. My coworker, Riley. Riley is 2 years younger than me, and was 2 years behind me in grade school. I was more or less friends with her older sister, who was in my grade, but someone younger? Psssh…us older kids didn’t give them a second glance. Not that there was anything wrong with her. My world was just confined to my grade at that point.

Now, we are coworkers. Our desks are very near one another. We chatter and help one another with work. We even hang out outside of work, and I photographed her recent wedding for her! There is something about being grown up where age no longer matters, but shared maturity does. I enjoy her 🙂

3. Timmykins. Timmykins and I shared one class my freshman year of high school. He is 2 years older than I, so we only ever shared that one class. I would say we were friends (I even have AIM conversations to prove it!), but he was uber skinny, was dating a classmate of mine, and copied off of my homework. I took him as a slacker, and read him COMPLETELY wrong (OK, not COMPLETELY).

Welp, now we are married. In the short time where we weren’t in contact with one another, he matured exponentially from the skinny dork (sorry, babe!) I once knew. When we started talking, we came to find how similar many of our interests are, and I was pleasantly surprised that I could hold some of my most intelligent conversations with him. It’s so weird for me to think of the “Him? NO GROSS!” attitude I could have possessed. But, because I took another, closer look, I found someone who makes me happy and allows me to be happy. Now I never have to look back.

Have you taken another look and been pleased with the outcome? Please share!

And have a Happy Happy Day!

❤ The RoaminTwin



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