3 Simple Steps to Become the BEST Gift Giver (without breaking the bank)!

As many of you know, I love giving gifts. Christmas, Birthdays, even when there is no special occasion at all!

Scratch that – EVERY day is a special occasion!

Gift giving not only brings me joy, but brings joy to the receiver as well. And getting the PERFECT gift (or gifts) really is SO EASY. Wanna know how? Here’s what you do:

1. LISTEN. Listen not only to “I want…” or “Get me…”, but also to the amount of times your gift-receiver mentions something. My sister has been talking about a Twin Photoshoot for a couple of years now. She didn’t mention it this year, but guess what? It was one of her birthday gifts from me. Not only do I get her a pretty perfect gift, but she also appreciates that I have been listening (I think!)

2. OBSERVE. Not just around gift-giving times (when people are more likely to point out what they want. This could be considered cop-out gifting). Observe ALL YEAR. This goes right along with listening. Has your mom been Pinning multiple sewing projects, but doesn’t have a working sewing machine? BOOM! Gift done! Does your loved one get discouraged sometimes (don’t we all) and love coffee? BOOM! I think a little “Follow Your Dreams” mug is in store (Thanks, Pier 1!).

3. Look for sales. ALL YEAR. One of the best parts about listening and observing your loved ones all year for gift ideas, is that you can also look for great deals all year. These include Holiday sales, after-Holiday sales, clearance items, and price matching! I don’t hide from the fact that I found all of my bridesmaid gifts on sale (quick tip: when buying things in bulk, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount, or a credit to come back to the vendor!). And pre-ordering the AUTOGRAPHED version of ‘The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!’ (authored by one of our favorites: Julie Andrews) was $15 cheaper than buying it in store sans signature!

So, keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for wonderful deals on SPECTACULAR gifts. And get happy, Happy People, when you make others happy!

❤ The RoaminTwin


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