Our Honeymoon Hiatus & Unplugging

So, I have this week’s Wedding Wednesday ready for you…except that the images I want to use are not cooperating with this machine at this time. So, I do apologize in the delay of post as well as another week without Wedding Wednesday.

I come to you today with a different kind of post.

Until this past Monday, I had not looked at a computer screen for weeks. During that time, I looked at a TV screen for a total of maybe 5 hours, and a phone screen for maybe another 5. Why, you may ask?

I was on my honeymoon hiatus. Overseas. Without phone service, with minimal WiFi. We shared spaces (thanks, AirBNB!), spread out in murder-y hotel rooms, and even stayed in a hut. All of this in the name of love and Julie Andrews.

Here it is again, this mention of Julie Andrews. But THIS led to THAT, and we found ourselves jaunting across the UK and Iceland! Of course the main focus of the trip was our honeymoon, but we took it when we did and in the location that we did because Julie Andrews had a speaking series. We bought tickets “in the first 4 rows” at her Liverpool show, and planned the rest of the trip around that. One day in Dublin. A ferry to Holyhead. A rental car and a quick drive up to Liverpool. We spent a few days in Liverpool then caught a train to London. Stayed in and around London for a few more days, then flew to Reykjavik, Iceland for a whirlwind adventure.

Of course there were a few ups and downs along the way: blistering feet, imperfect living arrangements…we even nearly missed Julie Andrews (ahhh, the beauty of a timed ferry leaving exponentially early and “stranding” us in Dublin for hours – good thing I plan with time to spare)! But through it all, I could bring myself back down to earth by remembering that this trip was for US. For Timmykins and I. No matter what happened, where we ended up and when, we were together – with no work and no distractions – for two whole weeks.

Hmoon1 Oxford, UKHmoon2Reykjavik, IcelandHmoon3 Inactive volcano/geothermal pool, IcelandHmoon5  Big Ben in Elizabeth Tower. London, UKHmoon4 Dame Julie Andrews – EEEEEEK!

And I believe it truly truly helped that we did not have cell service or internet access most of the time. We were able to focus on one another and our gorgeous surroundings! Not only did it help on our trip, but I have noticed that upon our return, I have been MUCH less plugged in than before. Of course, my job is 90% computer work – a vast majority of that involving social media – but I have created a work/life balance that didn’t exist before, I don’t need my phone by my side 24/7, and as much as I love multi-tasking, I am just fine enjoying a meal or movie with my Timmykins without also work on or viewing something else.

It’s refreshing. It’s joyful. It’s something I can get used to.

Won’t you join me? Unplug, unwind, and get hooked on relaxation and HAPPINESS!

❤ The RoaminTwin


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