Wedding Wednesday #9: The Dessert Table

Good Day, Lovely, Happy People!

It breaks my heart to see that the last Wedding Wednesday post was on August 21st! Mea culpa!

And yes, I know it is no longer Wednesday of this week. But when my hometown team just swept their way to the World Series (and I got some last-minute tickets to the clinching game with my sister), everything else kind of fell off my to-do list.

But, here’s the deal: this post was worth the wait. Sure, it wasn’t a purposeful wait, but when your mouth is watering over the (mostly) homemade desserts I am about to share with you – and you walk down the street to buy your favorite cookie – you will thank me. This is all for the sake of happiness, people!

Suffice it to say, Timmykins and I have a GIANT sweet tooth between the both of us. So, along with our brunch buffet, we decided early on that we would like a dessert table. Because – even though cake is yummy – why stick to JUST cake? After telling my family, my sister and mom had SO many ideas, and we ended up with an almost entirely homemade dessert table filled with cookies, cakes, and donut holes (yes, you read that right)!!

Check out the staples below!

Timmykins LOVES him some Girl Scout Thin Mints & Oreos (I don’t mind them myself…), so we bought some. And then we bought some more.
Cookie styling by my dad. You can reach him through me for all of your cookie styling needs 🙂

My “Let Them Eat Cake” sign, flanked by none other than homemade cake (thanks, Ma!) & DONUT HOLES! There were 1,000 of them!
I am VERY well known at that donut shop now, haha!

Note: If you are going to provide 1,000 donut holes, please make sure an announcement is made. I found out after the fact that people weren’t eating as many because they wanted to make sure everyone got some. We had donut holes for DAYS afterwards! But we didn’t mind…

These little ditties…they are black and white cookies. I believe they are famous in New York City. Regardless, my adventurous sister (who lived in New Yawk for a time, and has many more big city adventures left) insisted they be at the wedding. So, family made them, and my wonderful second mother, Chris, hand-dipped them. They were wildly popular.

I wanted us on a cake. The moment he proposed. I was all set to bake the cake and learn how to frost it perfectly smooth. Then wedding week came along and I decided to take that stress away and order a plain white sheet cake at the local grocery store. I ordered the sticker from Fill Your Heart Edible Memories and decorated the cake with gold spray cake paint and graham cracker crumbles the night before the wedding!

This is Timmykin’s Groom’s Cake. The first cake I made him was dark chocolate with chocolate chips baked in. So, that’s what I made. Topped with dark chocolate icing and another cake sticker, and it’s a big fat hockey puck! I was really excited about it, and so was he. But, I don’t even think he got a bite! Oh well, there’s always next time…

Because my favorite shape of cake is square (I have no idea why, I am just drawn to it), my mom searched and found different sizes of square cake pans. And she baked cakes (AND cookies). She frosted them just like the fluffily-frosted cakes I pinned to my “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board, and voila! She is the best 🙂

Finally cutting the cake around 10pm. We had completely forgotten! Don’t forget to cut the cake or no one will eat it!

I would like to say I won this battle…but I am not quite sure.

We had a dessert table made with love because that is “so us” and made us happy. You could just as easily have one cake for all!

What is YOUR favorite dessert, and would it be served at a grand party you throw??

Now, go eat a cupcake/cookie/piece of cake 🙂

❤ The RoaminTwin

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