Dear 2015

Well, hello, Dear 2015!

My name is RoaminTwin, and I want to introduce myself, because we are going to be spending a LOT of time together (365 days, to be exact)!

But, I also want to let you know how high my expectations are for you, because – if you have spent any time with 2014, as I have – you would know the amazing highs that took place in the last year:

– I got engaged + then married (WHATTTT?!?)
– Timmykins + I went on an overseas honeymoon adventure, in addition to a multitude of travels throughout the year
– The ROYALS went to the World Series (and I got to be at a handful of the games)!!
– It was a year of firsts: First year as a married woman, first year really starting to focus on my blog and branding, first year focusing on my personal development
– It was a year of lasts: My baby brother graduated high school, we said “See you later” to a few loved ones who passed away, I said goodbye to the semi-regular self-loathing and competitive mindset
– We welcomed babies and spouses and more into our circle of friends/family!
– I saw my idol, JULIE ANDREWS, in person, and she SANG! I can die happily, now 🙂

10306748_10203380039043913_6660421160075292896_n 10365909_10202325641564635_8031550650603376847_n 887044_10202063389488497_8199230607997554268_o 10473806_10203380030723705_8505186272520363552_n 1422566_10203380033563776_325542011944656267_n 10013879_10202031060120283_1958118542_n 10175050_10202465870990283_3529291789406050097_n 10304629_10202272561277661_5576623909477761407_n

As each year has them, we also had some tough lows. A few are mentioned above, others are being worked through, and that’s OK! You need the bad to balance the good, or you would never know what good was!

Regardless, 2014 is going to be tough to top! But I believe in you!

I also want you to know, early on, that your expectations of me should be just as grand as my expectations of you. It is time to live my life based on how I want to feel, and not just one long to-do list. I will live unapologetically, organically, and intentionally with passion and tenacity! 2015, you are MY year.

First step? Taking care of some childhood dreams prior to turning 25 in a few months! Let’s do this!



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