FINAL Wedding Wednesday

I know what you are thinking (because I am thinkin’ it, too), and yes, this is the very last Wedding Wednesday post. I have dragged it out over months and months. This is because it is really hard to find the right words to describe one of the best times of your life…my life (at least, thus far).

Here we are. Nearly a year removed from the big event. A year removed from abundant feasting, fancy, and a few of our favorite things. But, also a year removed from a few hiccups that seemed to ruin our big day.

Know that you WILL run into (seemingly) big snafus. There will be last-minute decorating. There will be a mix up with the tuxedos, bus pickups, hotel blocks. In my case? The video equipment was forgotten, and a wedding planner cried…a lot. I had to sit alone in a dark room to stop myself from crying while stuffing my face with a Jimmy John’s sandwich…to stop the hanger.

During the reception, though, I received some of the most wonderful advice from a family friend:

Spend the entirety of your life working to make your spouse happy.

And then it hit me: I am married. I HAVE A HUSBAND.

With that realization, everything else went away. The goal of the wedding celebration was accomplished. I was starting this life anew with the man I loved. And nothing else mattered. Nothing else DOES matter. A year later, none of those slight snafus matter. They have no bearing on today.

All that matters today – and from now on – is that I am happy. And I work every day to make Timmykins happy. And we are in this big adventure together.

Happy Wednesday, Happy People

❤ The RoaminTwin

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