Purpose Page!

Who is RoaminTwin?

RoaminTwin is the adventurer in me (not my alter ego, but one in the same who I got to name myself) who is enjoying every aspect in life: including figuring out what her purposes are. She has found that one of her purposes is to spread joy as far and as wide as possible.

Roamin4Happiness is a collection of writings about RoaminTwin’s personal journey in and towards happiness in order to inspire and motivate all human beings in the direction of happiness…regardless of their life calling.

Because, isn’t happiness what we all seek? A commonality that brings the world together and makes it go round?

RoaminTwin believes so! In fact, she knows so! And if you do too, won’t you join me her the happiness revolution?

The RoaminTwin is a creative young professional with a constant smile on her face, a passion for life, and an eye for things falling into place – past, present and future. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, networking, and operating a side hustle photography and production company with her twin sister, which they aptly titled DoubleTake Productions. Check it out HERE!

OK, enough with the third person, already! Hi! I am Erin – pretty obviously, also known as RoaminTwin – and I hope you join me in creating a community that manifests happiness near and far! You have a passion? A dream? A goal? Live it! Be it! Do it! All with an open heart and mind to progress, success, and above all


Want to connect with me on the regular?

Facebook is a good way: www.facebook.com/Roamin4Happiness
So is TWITTER! Follow me @RoaminTwin

Get ready to follow me on Pinterest and other CRAZY social media platforms soon enough! I just can’t wait!

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