Before I start this post:
My TRUEST Birthday wish is that everyone I know and love, and everyone they know and love, and so on and so forth: stay warm, safe, and adventurous today. But most of all: HAPPY

A conversation yesterday:

Co-worker A: “You blog? I bet you don’t blog about work.”
Co-worker B: “She blogs about happiness.”
Co-worker A: “So, I KNOW you don’t blog about work.”

Yes, this provided a bit of comic relief in our day. But it’s true: I DON’T blog about work.

And really, that’s a shame.

Because work makes me happy. I have work I like, amazing, caring coworkers, and a wonderful group of superiors. It really is a second family. And when work isn’t making me happy, I make happy work.

But, isn’t that how life should be?

I have times that I feel down. But if I don’t try to pick myself back up, then my fowl mood is my own damn fault. If I am not happy in the situations I am in, I can fix them. Because, ultimately, my mood is mine and mine alone to control.

Which is why, even when I am having an off day or working on a project I don’t particularly enjoy, I am happy. I am keeping busy. I am employed. I am happy.

So, though I won’t go into great detail about my work day or vent about our POS system, I will sing the praises of my work if asked. And always remember that it is a privilege to be so naturally happy in a life situation. And work is a major part of that.

❤ The Roamin Twin