Wedding Wednesday #1: You’re Engaged!

Welcome to my few week (I can’t determine the amount of weeks this will take, because I am adding and subtracting as I go!) blog series: Wedding Wednesday! Here, you will find tips, tricks, and advice from the newly – and most importantly, HAPPY – me, RoaminTwin! Oh, and if you are a future Kansas City bride or groom, you will also be getting vendor suggestions! YIPPEE! Now, off to the races, here’s Wedding Wednesday #1: You’re Engaged!


If you are anything like me, you were chompin’ at the bit, impatient to be proposed to. For the 6 months prior, I had been repeating the words, “You can propose now” to Timmykins once per day. And yet, when it happened, it came as a total shock! Every time that I repeated those words, his response was “Soon”. I had grown to DREAD the word.

Evidently, he planned on proposing right after I told him that on the day he did propose, but the timing wasn’t quite right, and he replied with his expected “Soon”. When he did get down on one knee, I thought he was messing around with me until his pocket-fumbling led to a ring. A beautiful, sparkling, pear-shaped ring (which dazzled even more in the San Diego sun)!

Since we were on vacation, we spent the remaining week telling people in person, as well as calling loved ones not located on the West Coast, and just enjoying being together. I was excited then, and I continue to be excited every day as I look down at my pretty ring and think of the great adventure I am on!

You may not have this luxury of it happening while on vacation, but regardless of what happens, here is what you should do next:

1. Make sure that your loved ones know about your engagement prior to the news making its way onto social media. Call or meet with parents, siblings, extended family, and friends first. No one wants to find out that their best friend or granddaughter got engaged via FACEBOOK! This took a little patience on our end, trying for days to hide my ring in any pictures on our California adventure while attempting to reach so many extended family members. But it IS doable! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

2. Create a joint wedding email address. Yes, it may sound silly to some (and like you are losing your individuality to others), but it is extremely important. Chances are, one of you will stay more on top of wedding planning, but you will want the other involved as well. This email address can be used for group emails to the wedding party and other guests, vendor inquiries, contest entries, and can serve as a means of RSVP for showers, parties, and your actual wedding (but more on that later)! Make it something easy to remember by both partners, as well as something easily remembered by those who will be emailing it. Initials work great, as do numbers that represent year met, year and/or date of wedding. It streamlines everything wedding. TIP: ONLY use this email for wedding and honeymoon-related things while the planning is being done! It will keep confusion from arising, and you won’t lose important emails in a huge jumble!

3. Attend all bridal shows, and sign up for all bridal contests and emails. This is another instance where a joint wedding email address comes in handy, because if you don’t want to unsubscribe to all of the wedding “junk” after the wedding, just save what’s important and delete the account! But, back to the point: there are so many events for all types of vendors, and there are ALWAYS chances to win things, as well as get discounts and free swag! Yes, it could take a couple of hours out of your Saturday, but it is well worth it. Make sure to sign up for your local division of “The Knot”, and Google other wedding events. Map them out. Find designs and spaces and food you never even thought of! And always remember to…

4. Enjoy being engaged. This is something I was told early on and really took to heart. It was a nice reminder as we decided to go to bridal and wedding events – together – and found the planning process FUN and nearly stress-free. It was even a little mantra that, when reminded of it a week before the wedding, grounded me from freaking out in the last minute. It doesn’t matter how long your engagement is, this is the only one you’ve got. Just ENJOY it. Revel in it. Take it in.

And have a Happy Wedding Wednesday, Happy People!

Come back next week for Wedding Wednesday #2: People & Party!

❤ The RoaminTwin


Happiness: Engage

Isn’t it wonderful how happiness spreads?

I could be having the most mundane day, and to get a text that says “We’re engaged!” from one of my best friends in the world…

That is pure happiness. And it spreads. Like wildfire.

So, everyone should get engaged. Or buy a car. Or move out. Or get a cool new job or a hot new dress.

Then tell me. Spread Happiness

❤ The Roamin Twin