Wedding Wednesday #7: CEREMONY!

Good Evening!

It has been so difficult to sit down and put my full self into these posts as of late, that it has been weeks since the last Wedding Wednesday! I am highly disappointed in myself and only hope that you can continue to be patient with me as I transition back into blogging on a regular basis. I love it and hope that I can lend my thoughts and full self over to this blog more often.

ANYWHO! Today’s Wedding Wednesday is all about the ceremony! 

I know some people get married outside, some at an event venue, others at a courthouse, and then there are those – like me – who are married in a church.

1Our Wedding Day

We won’t get too far into logistics, but because Timmykins and I chose to be married in a church, there were rules we had to abide by. At first, the rules turned me off to this choice of setting. But I found ways in which to personalize it as best as possible, and it worked out splendidly. Timmykin’s father presided over the ceremony so he could personalize the homily to us as a couple, and he was emotionally invested in the wedding, so it was a very wonderful time.

On top of that, we were able to choose the readings, readers, liturgist, and music before and after the ceremony. Because we are not partial to church music, we chose not to have music during the ceremony. Doing this allowed us to make a few non-traditional selections:

The Skyrim theme song (this is a video game, and was strategically placed by my husband for when my brother first walked in. I am told the reaction was priceless
Favorite Things (Sound of Music) – what the wedding party walked down the aisle to
Climb Ev’ry Mountain (“) – what I as the bride walked down the aisle to
Skyfall (Skyfall – 007) – our exit music as a married couple “Let the sky fall…we will stand tall and face it all together”

If that isn’t a fun playlist for you, then choose your own! Seriously, it was so much fun to choose the music and so powerful to hear it played. Now I have those songs to connect with my high emotions from the day.

But my absolute favorite thing to personalize over the enter day – coming before decorations, food, music, everything – were the prayers of intention. There are guidelines to go by in the church, but I was ready to tailor them to exactly what we thought needed the most attention:

  1. For the Church and all of those seeking their vocations within it, especially Deacon Tony. That they find the fulfillment and joy in their work that they long for. 
  2. For all people. That we realize despite our race, sexuality, age, creed, and other unique traits, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and that may bring us together and lead us to a greater peace. 
  3. For E & T. As they embark on this new and exciting journey together, that their love for one another may bring happiness to them, and every life they touch. 
  4. For those that are sick, and those that are unable to join us today, especially Baba & Granny. That they may all feel the warmth of the love radiating from this gathering.
  5. For all of those who have died, especially John S., Roy Z., Ruby Z., Bob E., Ron P., Karl S., Roger S., and Anthony B. May they enjoy perfect happiness and total fulfillment in eternal life. 
  6. For all of us, here today, especially E & T. That we may all carry on the legacy and best attributes of those who have gone before us. Those attributes including, but not limited to: courage, loyalty, compassion, and forgiveness. And that with these tools in hand, we may all live our most rewarding lives.

I had my mom read the intentions, and because they were very personal to her as well, she choked up. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

2Not a dry eye

I highlight the majority of this last intention, because living out the legacies of my family and friends who have passed has become a major focal point in my life, and this intention truly came from the deepest part of me that I could access. We chose to make our big day not just about our union, but about the people who have supported us along the way, both living and deceased. So, basically it was just a big THANK YOU party!

4A token to remember…


Now, what are you doing to personalize YOUR ceremony? Do you tend to go by-the-book, or would you consider mixing in a few non-traditional details?

My advice? Do what makes you happy. There will be compromise between you and your betrothed, as well as family and friends, but ultimately it IS your day. 

❤ The RoaminTwin


6 Things That Increased My Happiness This Weekend

What makes you happy? Is it the little things, or grand gestures? Maybe a new purchase or just relaxing for a day? Trying a new restaurant or looking through old photographs?

Well, this weekend was just filled to the BRIM with happy for me, and I want to share it! This helps me reflect on my happiness, and I hope that it makes you think of everything that makes you happy! Maybe you, too, can make a list! Enjoy!

1. On a whim, Timmykins drove me around some beautiful neighborhoods, and we window shopped for our dream home.

2. I mentioned that my back was hurting, Timmykins turned on some John Legend (which we have been listening to incessantly to prepare for his concert next week) and massaged out the knots in my upper back. Can you say – Spoiled Rotten?

3. Our wedding song came on while he was giving me said massage. So we danced in the living room and belted it out to one another.

4. THUNDERSTORMS! The lightning was BEAUTIFUL! I just wish they lasted longer!

5. We have been meaning to visit the cemetery for awhile. Our good friend is at the same one as my grandpa, so we visited them both (Timmykins finally got to meet my grandpa). That visit led to Timmykins driving me to meet his grandparents at another cemetery nearby. It was bittersweet, but a wonderful outing.

All of the above made my weekend wonderful, but one thing stood out and made it SPECTACULAR, and that was:

6. Receiving a sign from our friend at the cemetery. 

The night before he died, our friend and his new wife gifted us a figurine of two mice hugging (pictured in my I Love You post from a couple of days after the event). The reason for the mice is because Timmykins was once known as a “Church Mouse”, and they thought of us immediately upon finding this tiny gift.

When we walked up to our friend’s grave this weekend, there was a folding chair lying there so that visitors could sit and visit with him. Timmykins went to pick it up, and underneath it was a cute field mouse! Now, usually I wouldn’t call them cute, but this one was cute. The mouse stopped, looked up at Timmykins for a couple of seconds, then scurried off. When we were finished with the chair a few moments later and set it back down in its original resting place, the mouse reappeared from its apparent hiding spot in the tall grass next to our friend’s headstone, and quickly returned to his hiding place beneath the chair. I thought for SURE that it had run off into the open field.

Timmykins recognized the mouse immediately as a sweet “Hello!” from our friend. And it filled my heart with love and happiness.

What made YOU happy this weekend? Any delightful signs? Please share!

❤ The RoaminTwin
Our REAL first dance (that we reenacted this weekend in our living room)!

Teeny Tiny Love Note

My bridal party is a reflection of me.

Yes, I am making this all about me (not).

What I am trying to say is that through the years, friends have come and gone, but these ladies (and gent) have stayed by my side. Though I love them all for individual reasons, my number one reason for loving them as a collective is that they have not been a source of negativity and pain in my life.

They are my buddies, my support, and my source of laughter. None of them dampen my spirits with gossip or judgments, and we can all pick back up from where we were before, like there was never any distance or time spent apart.

I hope you all have those people in your life. Think: who would be in my wedding party? Right the very second? If you immediately think of few people that would NOT go on that list, why? Are they sources of negativity? Do they just pull you down with them? Why are they still in your life?

I can honestly say I have never had to ask myself these questions of those I will have standing up on the altar with me (including Timmykins, his groomsmen and ushers). I love them all. I can’t wait for us all to congregate (some in the next few hours, others in the coming days). And I can NOT wait for the joy of this day.

Still holding true to enjoying my last days as a “single” lady. And bringing those good vibes into the marriage with me.

Also, I need to give the BIGGEST shout out to my mom, dad, and sister! They have been so helpful with everything concerning this day, and have kept me so relaxed! I know I don’t show it or say it every day, but I love you all so much! You are some of the most wonderful, giving, and kind people I know! I hope you will let me make it all up to you!

Sorry if I get a little sentimental, or a little absent in the coming days. The most important people in my life are coming together, and there may be an explosion of awesomeness. But there will definitely be a focus on people this week.


Stay Happy, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin
I leave glitter everywhere physically, these people in my life leave it metaphorically. On my heart. Mushy gushy, no? 🙂


Not QUITE Bridezilla

I haven’t been QUITE bridezilla.

But I hit a wall last week, letting myself get uber impatient and upset over spilled milk.

And, let me preface this by letting you know that Timmykins has been an awesome help and major support with this whole wedding planning process. He is just not as into it as I am. Which, in sweeping generalizations, is kind of the norm between husband and wife. At least from what I have encountered. It’s just funny to me how his focus has turned completely towards the future in the last few weeks, looking past the wedding, not right at it. Meaning the little tasks I have given him seem to be slipping through the cracks. But they are not. Just seem to be because I don’t have complete control over them.

OK, back to my story. I was at dinner with Timmykins and two of his groomsmen. They were asking me question after question that I thought I had already communicated the answers to them about (whether through text, email, or Timmykins). As I continued answering the barrage of questions – without my planner or anything else in front of me, so I was very taken off guard – my patience became non-existent and my answers became short. They knew I was upset.

I blamed it on my being hangry. Which wasn’t completely false. It was 9:45pm and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

But after I ate, my irritation and shortness continued. It didn’t come unwarranted, but it was unnecessary.

The next morning I received the following text from my second mom:

Hello Ms. S! This time next week you will be getting married!! Wow! Mind blowing – doesn’t seem possible! Enjoy your last week of being single and getting ready for your big day! [emoji, emoji, emoji, emoji]

Now, I have heard “Enjoy the process”, “Revel in the engagement”, yadda yadda yadda so many times. And I have as much as possible. We have had fun picking things out and planning to an extent, but we also are just ready to have this big party to thank all of our loved ones and be married already.

But that text was like a switch in my brain. People have questions? Fine. Just be ready to answer them. I sent an email to the entire wedding party with a full timeline and extra details. I gave Timmykins the job of making the program (though, if we don’t have one, does it REALLY matter?), I invited my sister – and MOH – over to go over center pieces with me, and I decided that whatever small details haven’t been completed (making lemon cookie dough, cakes, favors, and the list goes on and on) just may not get done. And I am OK with that.

I have been enjoying this last week with a couple of dinners out with friends, celebrating/photographing a dear friend’s wedding, finalizing some of the BIG stuff, attending a concert, and relaxing when I can find the time.

Because regardless of what details do and don’t come to fruition, we will be married and surrounded by those nearest and dearest to us at the end of the day.

And that is all that matters.

❤ The RoaminTwin
 My dress in its body bag 🙂

A wonderful pre-wedding gift from my second oldest friend!

A sneak peak into our center pieces!

My Best Friend & My Worst Enemy: #4 FOOD

A little over a week ago, I told you about 2014 being MY Year of the “F” Word. A day later, I dove into “F” Word #1, and the meaning of it’s placement in my life in 2014. Next, I explained why I included The BIGGEST “F” Word of them ALL: FAMILY (because they are kind of a big deal). #3 on my list to hash out was Finances (the hashing out that will last for all of eternity). And now, we are down to the final “F” Word (besides fun and future, which are both considered in my thoughts and progress towards the other “F” Words). What next?

Disclaimer: As mentioned in my first post on the subject, my “F” Words are not listed in terms of relevance to me, and neither will they be explained in any particular order.

#4: Food

I need to change my views on food, and 2014 is a great place to start! I have had little glimpses of this insight before…right before chowing down on a really good burger, or licking my fingers clean of barbeque sauce. What? There are 3 desserts? One of each please!

I’ve gone through bouts of counting calories, of attempting to cut entire food groups out of my diet, I’ve thought about dieting and cleansing, and all that jazz. More and more I have heard that food intake has the biggest affect on a person’s weight. 

Well, that is not all.

In figuring out how I want each “F” Word to apply in my life, I have not only been experimenting and trying new things in all areas, but also reading up on all of them: devouring as much information as possible to make informed decisions. I follow numerous health professionals via Twitter, Facebook, and email chains. I read their articles, their mantras, their “guaranteed-to-lose-weight” fitness routines and eating plans. If I could share with you the overarching lesson it would be this:

Every body is different, therefore, not every body is the same.

“Running makes you lose weight fast.” “No, cutting calories does! But you can eat what you want within those calorie limits!” “An apple a day…” “Do you even life, Bra?”


Every person is so unique in personality, in physical traits, in how their bodies react to different foods and exercises, that, truly, each person needs to experiment with both to see what works for them.

Over the years I have cut some foods out of my every day life. Doing so has had no effect on my weight…not even soda! For some people, cutting soda alone would make them lose 20 pounds. More recently, I have been cutting down on even fruits, cottage cheese, milk, and whole grain bread. In fact, once I run out of each of these things in my home, I am going to stop buying them for a bit. Maybe these seemingly healthy items have been keeping me at a heavier weight my entire life. That doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy, that just might mean they aren’t right for me on a regular basis. I will continue my experimentation and research until I find something that works for me.

But keep in mind: this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime experiment. As we grow and change, so too do our taste buds. So why wouldn’t food problems, allergies, etc. do the same? This experiment is really something I will be doing my whole entire life. And just because I pinpoint that sugar isn’t good for me (it really isn’t good for ANYBODY), doesn’t mean I will never have it. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth, and am trying to wean myself from that tendency now. But I would be fine with a piece of dark chocolate or anything my mom bakes every once in awhile (and ice cream, ice cream, ice cream! Even though I realized it wreaks havoc on my stomach when I eat it a few times a week).

I also will no longer be looking at food as a reward. I will leave food rewards for my dog to earn. There is no reason for me to go to the gym and sweat my butt off for 1-2 hours a day, only to say “I’ve earned a sweet treat!” and undo everything. Oh, and portion control? Now a practice instead of just an idea. No need to over-indulge on every meal, I know when to stop, I have that control. Calorie counting? No reason when I know the majority of things entering my body are being put there for nourishment instead of just “I wants”. 

Because food makes my body run. Bad food makes it run poorly (fatigue, poor sleep quality, illness, punky moods, etc.), while clean, simple foods make it a well-oiled machine. This well-oiled machine gets me to the gym nearly every morning AND evening, as well as staying alert and active throughout the day. Being alert and active throughout the day keeps me in tune to my finances (in making plans, following through on plans, and thinking things up that I wouldn’t be able to on a regular basis). Being alert for the rest of the day keeps me in tune with my relationships (family), and being healthy will keep me around for them for a very long time.

2014 is THE Year of the “F” Word: Family, Finances, Fitness, & Food. They all come together to guarantee a Fun & Fruitful Future.

What is 2014 going to be for you? Have you already set out on the path to betterment? Join me!

Happy Thursday, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin


So, Tuesday I told you about 2014 being MY Year of the “F” Word. Then, Wednesday, I delved into “F” Word #1, and the meaning of it’s placement in my life in 2014. Today, saunter with me to the land of “F” Word #2: Family.

Disclaimer: As mentioned in my first post on the subject, my “F” Words are not listed in terms of relevance to me, and neither will they be explained in any particular order.

As I make this journey through 2014 – as well as every year hereafter – I crave support. Physical support in a shoulder to lean on, a long embrace, someone to help me stretch out after a long workout. Mental support in pushing me verbally towards my goals and dreams, reminding me that I am my only roadblock on my journey to success. Emotional support in picking me up when I fall (obviously not literally), listening when I need to vent. I am sure the list of ways someone can support another reaches around the globe and back!

But, I also feel a necessary component to my living a fulfilled 2014 (and life) is to give. Give of my time, my care, my love.

And who better to give and receive support from than family? My immediate family is awesome, so is my extended family, made up of relatives as well as my very nearest and dearest friends.

To infinity and beyond, I will prioritize my family. I will continue to attend my brother’s sporting events and edit his school papers. I will work out with my mom and my sister (and anyone else who wants to join us!), work with them on reaching all of our individual goals, and strengthen my relationships with them that have strained a bit over this transition period of my life. I will always talk sports with dad, joke around with him, poke fun at him, and ask for advice. He is the BEST advice giver. I can’t wait to settle into married life with my best friend, Timmykins (not settle DOWN. This girl can’t be tamed!), and discover what adventures are in store for us. I will also make myself more available to my friends that mean so much, to talk, to eat, or just to hang out in our PJs.

As nearly passed-over above, I feel that some of my relationships have become a little strained in the past year. I can wholeheartedly stand behind the fact that my last year of transitions (getting engaged, moving out of my parents’ home and into a rental of my own, becoming an independent individual, and beginning to prioritize myself) has really taken a toll on these relationships. Oh, and the whole saving money thing that goes along with the wedding (goodbye happy hours at 54th Street, hello nights in…EVERY night in). With the wedding nearly upon us, the house on it’s way to being completely set up, and the potential of some time freeing up, I am ready to be a people person again.

I just hope everyone else is ready for me to be a people person again 🙂

❤ The RoaminTwin


Long Road to a Little House: “F” Word #1

Disclaimer: As mentioned in my last post, my “F” Words are not listed in terms of relevance to me, and neither will they be explained in any particular order.

So, I know that for the past 24 hours or so, you all have been sitting at the edge of your seats, awaiting the first of my deeper explanations of my Year of the “F” Word. This year, I will focus on: fitness, family, finances, and food (and maybe fun!).

Today, I will delve into fitness, and why it will be a priority for me in the coming year (and hopefully, for years to come).

The reason I titled this post “Long Road to a Little House”, is because it has taken me 23 years to get my butt on track to reach any type of fitness goals. That is a LONG road to a better (and potentially LITTLE) physique. I have always been a little bigger than my twin sister, but when we were in middle school, it was hellish for me. I was the fat twin. I was only referred to as “the fat twin” once, but that was WAY after my realization, and being called that just solidified the idea in my head. Every year between then and now, I have dreamed of being skinny, beautiful, and loving running.

It has taken me the last year or so to mentally prepare for a fitness transformation. I am through dreaming. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be in shape. I don’t want to become beautiful, because I know I already am (thanks, mom and dad!). And loving to run? NO WAY! That was and is a nightmare that will never come true. But I have started to love challenging myself with new workouts and trying fun ways to move on a more regular basis (swimming, Zumba, and yoga). I like to label my self as “adventurous”, but have never really ventured outside of my coached sports and activities for fitness. Until this year, I didn’t think of being in shape as something fun, exhilarating, and life-changing.

Well, I knew that it could get me in shape. But it’s such hard work, and I love pastries too damn much!

2014 doesn’t mark my first steps in the direction of fitness. First, there was a dream, a desire, but I didn’t want it bad enough. In the last year, I have:

1. Tried a few fitness programs and witnessed my first couple of gym burnouts
2. Found 2 proteins that I ADORE mixing into delicious shakes
3. Been to the gym more days than I didn’t go…for the first time EVER
4. Added a gym membership to my arsenal that has me in belly dance, yoga, and Zumba classes…and loving EVERY MINUTE OF IT
5. Researched different methods of reaching my fitness goals 
6. Begun to combine and contort fitness regimens, supplements, and foods to see what works best for me (because everybody and every BODY is different, and no one thing is going to have the same results for each human)
7. Started my healthy journey of non-comparison and positive self-image.
8. Started MOVING!

In addition to all of this, I started a new workout program with Timmykins this past Monday that will have me in the gym 5 days a week, with at least 40 minutes of cardio per workout and lifting weights to EXHAUSTION! Before, I would have said “yuck” and fought with him every time we had to go to the gym. This time, it’s different. This time, I have an attitude of change. My body is supposed to be moving, and after sitting nearly sedentary 8-10 hours a day at work, I need to maximize my evenings. I need to challenge myself and try new ways of moving, new ways of thinking. I am even feeling the need to move outside of the gym as much as possible, and not take a FULL rest day (yoga and Zumba, anyone?).

I am no longer aiming to be skinny or lose weight, but to lower my chances of fatal diseases and premature death down the road. I am no longer being selfish in my thoughts of wanting to look like someone else or “get skinny” to be beautiful. Instead I am thinking of my family, my friends, and my future.

So, I guess I should unofficially add “fun” AND “future” to my “F” Words as well. They should go without saying, but are a part of each of the 4 that I will break a part for you 🙂

Is fitness one of YOUR “F” Words? Why or why not? 

Have a Happy Day, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin
That’s early-90s me to the right in the purple tank top. I wish running around having a fake snowball fight could be my fitness regimen NOW! 

The Year of the “F” Word



Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening, Happy People!

Along with a little down time the last couple of weeks, I have been pondering what my word, theme, goals, etc. of the year 2014 are going to be. I thought that the relaxation would clear my mind and turn it into a canister for new materials and ideas.


Instead, the relaxation turned me into a lunatic. It made me feel so very unproductive. I know that shutting down every once in awhile is good for the body, spirit, and mind, but I just haven’t been able to fully tune into that idea. I am a mutli-tasker at heart, which is both a blessing and a curse for me. Maybe “tuning out” – not in the 1960s drug usage sense – is something I can work on in this new year. Heck: maybe I can learn how to multi-task relax!

That’s a bit overboard.

The moral of this story is that relaxation didn’t help me dream up my 2014 at all.

It wasn’t until I was pouring my morning cup of coffee yesterday that the light bulb turned on in my head and a beacon of light shown through the clouds atop my head to a choir of angels chanting my name…

2014 is The Year of the “F” Word!!

For everyone else, it can be their year of cleansing, simplifying, love, starting fresh, etc. And those are all WONDERFUL things to focus on within your year. But my 2014 begs to be a little more specific, while also all-encompassing. How the HECK do I do that? Well, by making this The Year of the “F” Word, of course!

And, I hate to break it to you, but I am not referring to THE “F” word (though, sometimes, you just have to not worry, not stress, know that you have done all that you can, and say “F it!”…which is something I need to work on as well). MY “F” words are:

                                         not necessarily in the above order

Over the next few posts, I am going to go over each and why they are what I will focus on this year. They may seem self-explanatory, but each person holds a different perspective, and maybe mine is a fresh one to help motivate you towards your goal(s) for 2014!

Do you have a theme for 2014? If so, what is it? If not, let’s figure it out for you! Feel free to comment below or contact me privately!

And, as always: Have a Happy Day, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin

I Love You

Good Morning, Happy People!

I know that if I were following the calendar correctly, today would be Happy Tweets Monday. I have plenty of those in store for you, but I would like to cut into our regularly scheduled programming to write about what matters most to me: love.

I’m not necessarily talking about the lovey-dovey, butterflies and hand-holding love (though I don’t complain about it), but instead that strong bond that is felt between family, friends, and friends that become family.

We lost a friend this weekend. It was sudden, and I could go on and on about how unfair it was, and how it happened too soon, but I won’t. Any death is too soon in my book. And nothing will justify it. It is time to remember our friend for who he was and who he will continue to be in our lives and our memories. We spent most of yesterday with a close-knit group of friends that I haven’t seen in awhile, and this is definitely not the reason I would want us to come together. I couldn’t put words together about how much all of these people mean to me until last evening:

Not only will I be marrying into a great family, but I am marrying into a wonderful family of friends who are so full of love, support, and care for one another. They have already welcomed me with open arms, and I only hope I am helping add to the support they need in this difficult time, and whenever they need it going forward. 

I know many thoughts will envelope my mind over the next few days as I process everything, but there are a few things that make me smile a bit (besides the funny and wonderful memories of our friend):

– Though it was for a short time, he was able to marry the love of his life

– That his family and friends were around him that same evening celebrating his marriage

– That my wonderful Tim was able to talk to his friend and congratulate him

– That this young man did anything and everything for the people he loved, and how I would love to be more like him in this area of my life

– How, no matter which story or memory of our friend comes to mind, it is always accompanied by a smile

Starting yesterday, every hug has been a little longer and tighter. Every hello and goodbye attached to an “I Love You”. And I hope to continue this. I want to challenge everyone to say “I Love You” as much as possible when that is how they feel. It may be implied between family and old friends, but the warmth that spreads and the friendships that continue to blossom when it is said makes every moment one better lived.

❤ The RoaminTwin

A gift we received from our friend & his lovely wife on Saturday evening before he passed early Sunday.

Blog Challenge: Day 25 & 26

Day 25’s blog challenge outlines the 4 areas to master in order to be location independent. These are:

1. Productivity
2. Staying Healthy
3. Keeping up with clients
4. Keeping in touch with your network

Q: What skills do you need to build or refine to be a happy Suitcase Entrepreneur?

A: I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on all of the skills, but if I weren’t always growing and learning, what is there to life?

I think the skill I need to build the most is my productivity. I have all of these ideas and plans. I spend time dreaming them and drawing/writing them out, but near no time producing them. I wear myself out with work and living a healthy, active lifestyle, and just shut down in the evenings, when my free time occurs. It makes me sad, because I am so pumped up and motivated in the beginning of the day, then my energy wanes. I don’t have the option to cut work or exercise out of my life (nor do I want that), so I must take hold and work through the exhaustion to do what I love to do, be who makes me happy.

Because, my lack of motivation when I need it most is no one’s fault but my own.

– – – – –

The Day 26 Prompt covers minimalism, and asks me to answer: Could you live a minimalist lifestyle? Why or why not?

A: Looking at my room, you would think I could NEVER live the life of a minimalist. The idea is there, and I know I could do it, but I have so many things at this point in my life that have personal meaning. Things I don’t feel I could get rid of…at this time. So, with a home base, I could keep these items to come home to. I know for a fact that I could travel the world with my husband (oo wee I can’t wait!), camera, and lap top. Add a few articles of clothing and I am good to go. I don’t need these personal mementos to get me through every day. Especially if I am exploring unknown territory, going on some of the best life adventures a person could ask for!

What do you feel you need to work on most to be happy? Is minimalism one of them?

Enjoying the Blog Challenge material? To see it from day one, visit HERE AND stop by my twin sister’s BLOG! We are answering the same questions separately to see how similar our answers are! Do YOURS match any of ours?

❤ The RoaminTwin