Just-Because Flowers


I am a pretty low maintenance girl (though some people may argue to the contrary–they obviously don’t know what high maintenance means πŸ˜› ), and it doesn’t take much for me to be baseline happy. To me, this is my contentedness with my choices, my everyday life, and the direction I am moving. I choose happiness on a regular basis, therefore choosing a path that is ideal for my personal happiness.

But sometimes, a little extra somethin-somethin REALLY amps up my happiness.

After not seeing Timmykins for the majority of Saturday, he met me at my friend’s house…with flowers.

And they were my favorite because they were from him. Completely unwarranted, unexpected, and completely purple–my favorite color.

Sometimes the smallest gestures are the kindest, the least expected are the most beautiful. He didn’t need to get me flowers to make me happy, but it sure was a refreshing happiness that washed over me.

Happy Tuesday, Happy People!

❀ The Roamin Twin


I am just going to come out and say it: tomorrow, I officially turn 1 year older.

The thing is, this number ’23’ that I am turning means I have already lived 23 years, and tomorrow, I start my 24th. Mind-boggling, right?

But it makes me stand back and think: have I really DONE anything in these last 23 years?

Insert taking-inventory-of-life HERE.

I guess the answer is yes. Am I where I want to be? No. Am I afraid to move into the next year? No. I love celebrations. I love parties, surprises, and gifts. Mainly, I love to GIVE gifts and surprises, so thank goodness I share my birthday with my sister πŸ™‚ Despite loving all of those things, my birthday is really just a reminder.

A reminder that I am, legally, 1 year older.

Sometimes, when I am feeling down, it reminds me that: “HEY! YOU! Look how old you are, and you aren’t where you want to be in life! (Yeah, birthdays can be pretty mean).

Other times, when I CHOOSEΒ to think positively, my birthday says to me: Hey, look how happy you are! AND how much you have accomplished! O, and you haven’t died yet! Congrats!

It’s really all how you choose to perceive it.

So, instead of being down-in-the-dumps that I am another year older, I am going to put on my heels and STRUT into 23 (or, my 24th year).

And no looking back.

❀ The Roamin Twin

*Happy Birthday to my other April babies, including: