Happiness Instructional: A Video

You read it right, folks! What I have for you here today is a short video that will INCREASE your happiness level! 


You know I harp on the fact that happiness is a choice, and this backs me up! So, of course I am going to share it with you! This happened into my life on a day where I wasn’t going to blog (gasp!). I know that has been happening a lot lately, and I apologize. It is not for lack of material, I promise you that, but lack of time. And yes, that is a terrible excuse, but the next few weeks I may be a little distant. Just be patient, choose happiness, and WATCH THIS VIDEO:


You’ll thank me later 🙂

❤ The RoaminTwin

Your Able Body

Isn’t your body amazing? It moves you, enables you, guides you, and protects you. So, isn’t it time you showed it a little respect?

Enough with the “I’m too fat”s, “I’m too thin”s, the “I wish I looked like him/her”s, and the “I wish I weren’t so ugly”s.

We live in a very body conscious society, and, I am here to tell you: all of our perceptions are warped. Our minds have been programmed to focus on what is wrong, what should be changed, what should be fixed. Really, we should just be thinking over and over about how grateful we are for what we are given that works.

What do you love about YOUR body? Full mobility? Your Momma’s dimples? Your Daddy’s toes?

If we could program ourselves to look at the positive – our movers, shakers , and biggest protectors – we could change the world. Positive self-thoughts could lead to positive and healthy attitudes to/about others and the world around us. Just think of a world with compliments, smiles and laughs abound: pretty wonderful, right?

Now, I am not saying that I actively thank The Lord every day for my body, but I should. And you should too (or your parents, science, whatever you attribute such a phenomenon to).

I will start right now: I am thankful for my full range-of-motion. My dad’s calf muscles. My mom’s big brown eyes. My perky little nose, thick eyelashes, and strength. My thick, curly hair, weird toes, and strong nails. My silly laugh, chubby cheeks, and big mouth (all the better to EAT you with, my darling…or to talk a LOT. With my mouth full of delicious grub).

What about your body are you thankful for? You have permission to be vain, but include abilities too (I can do a mean back bend and tongue clam and I can wiggle my eyes real fast!)!

Now, join me in being thankful as much as you can remember, OK?

❤ The Roamin Twin


Before I start this post:
My TRUEST Birthday wish is that everyone I know and love, and everyone they know and love, and so on and so forth: stay warm, safe, and adventurous today. But most of all: HAPPY

A conversation yesterday:

Co-worker A: “You blog? I bet you don’t blog about work.”
Co-worker B: “She blogs about happiness.”
Co-worker A: “So, I KNOW you don’t blog about work.”

Yes, this provided a bit of comic relief in our day. But it’s true: I DON’T blog about work.

And really, that’s a shame.

Because work makes me happy. I have work I like, amazing, caring coworkers, and a wonderful group of superiors. It really is a second family. And when work isn’t making me happy, I make happy work.

But, isn’t that how life should be?

I have times that I feel down. But if I don’t try to pick myself back up, then my fowl mood is my own damn fault. If I am not happy in the situations I am in, I can fix them. Because, ultimately, my mood is mine and mine alone to control.

Which is why, even when I am having an off day or working on a project I don’t particularly enjoy, I am happy. I am keeping busy. I am employed. I am happy.

So, though I won’t go into great detail about my work day or vent about our POS system, I will sing the praises of my work if asked. And always remember that it is a privilege to be so naturally happy in a life situation. And work is a major part of that.

❤ The Roamin Twin