Are YOU Afraid of the Dark?

No, the title of this post does not mean it is about the Nickelodeon TV show from the 90s. Instead, it is about your fears and my fears, and how we should all handle them.

This weekend, I learned everything I ever wanted or needed (or didn’t want or didn’t need) to know about airplanes and flight history. OK, not everything, but more recently it has been the main topic of conversation for Timmykins and myself as we plan a pretty packed summer for travel. I learned about an airline merger, the amount of seats on a specific plane, what mechanism controls what, how many “incidents” the airline we flew has had in it’s HISTORY, and much much more…

Why would I now have all of this knowledge in my brain? Because Timmykins told me. And why would he have all of this seemingly useless (but pretty darn fascinating) knowledge pooling in his brain? Because he is scared of flying.

I can’t blame him, really. After watching an episode of All My Children that has a plane crash in it with my mom when I was 7, I was nervous about flying for a few years. But, that didn’t stop my family from going on trips, and eventually I realized that soap operas are over-dramatic, and that incidents are very few and far-between.

When he and I first started dating – in the dark ages – he had a business trip where multiple flights were involved. They put him on a tiny plane, and halfway through his connecting flight from Atlanta to Pennsylvania, they turned the plane around. It was cold, and the defrosters on the engines stopped working. So, in order to defrost the plane and land it safely, they needed to turn around to warmer climate. About an hour after they landed, they told everyone to re board. THE. SAME. PLANE.

I would have said: Heck no, techno! And I am not afraid of flying!

Amongst all of the facts and figures Timmykins threw at me regarding flight throughout the weekend, this is the lesson that stuck with me:

It’s time for me to face my fears head on.

My husband flies planes because he knows that on the other side of that flight, an adventure awaits. He faces one of his biggest fears every time he boards a plane! And, as I mentioned before, there is no lack of airline travel for us in the coming months!

If I could make an all-encompassing fear made public to you all, it would be the fear of failing. So, with Timmykins as an example, it is time for me to take more chances to reach my dreams.

And, ultimately, my happiness depends on it.

What fears are YOU ready to stare down?

❤ The RoaminTwin