Paul Rudd

Yes, you read the title right: Paul Rudd.

I have had a HUGE Hollywood crush on this man since I first saw him in person in 2007. He was sitting in front of my family in the employee section at a Chiefs game. He had a full beard, stocking cap, and big, puffy Chiefs coat. At the time, I didn’t remember his real name – just that he played Brian Fantana in ‘Anchorman’ – and I didn’t know he was from the Kansas City area. All I knew was that I recognized those eyes as Brian Fantana’s, realized he has beautiful eyes, and instantly he became my Hollywood crush (OK, one of many. But one of them).

‘m not the ONLY one! See?!

Since then, I have seen him in person at Sundance Film Festival during the premiere of ‘Our Idiot Brother’ with follow up Q&A, as well as twice during the annual Big Slick KC festivities (a weekend of celebrity FUNdraising for a local children’s hospital). And of COURSE I have gone to see every Rudd film, regardless of some sneering reviews.

This past summer, Timmykins and I went to a movie, and during the previews we saw the teaser for ‘Anchorman 2’ for the very first time. I said “I love you”, and Timmykins said, “I love you, too.” Shortly thereafter, he groaned as he realized that I was talking to Brian Fantana as he strutted out of the shadows from just off screen.

Do I want to marry Paul Rudd? No. Do I wish we were best buds? Maybe. But, I am happier every day with this school girl crush that I hold on to. And maybe it’s made up of a little admiration for a successful talent from my hometown. Or maybe it’s just those eyes.

Who is YOUR celebrity crush? Do you have more than one? Do you share one with your significant other (I, for example, share a crush with Timmykins: Ryan Reynolds. But who doesn’t…amiright?)?

Think of them as a little spark of happiness in your every day life 🙂

❤ The RoaminTwin

One of the pictures I took of Paul during last year’s Big Slick Wiffle Ball Tourney

Giving Thanks

November is an OK month. It sits between my two favorites – October for the fall foliage and December for none other than CHRISTMAS – acting as a breather, a break. It is the birth month of one of my FABULOUS coworkers (I’m talking to YOU, Riley!), and this year it marks the first wedding anniversary of two of my best friends’.

Alright, maybe it’s sounding MORE than OK this year. This year I will ALSO see some of my favorite people – from both in AND out-of-town – for quick trips and my BRIDALLLLLLLL SHOWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

– I hope you read that like Oprah used to on her yearly Favorite Things episode. Which I will forever be upset I never made it to –

With so many things going on from year to year (not just this CRAZY November), it is nice to sit down, breathe, and be thankful. Each year around this time, I see more people participating in ’25 Days of Thanks’, or things similar in nature on Facebook and other social media. It is a good way to hold oneself accountable – as this crazy blog is for me – but is it phenomenalizing the act of thanking someone publicly so as to make oneself look more appealing in the public eye?

I think this is true for some, but would like to think that the majority of people participating really did just need a reminder in this season of thanks.

I just wish it were customary to thank people on a regular basis. In person, or at least more personally.

It has already been ingrained in me to write thank you notes after receiving gifts. Not the general: “Thank you. This is neat. Love, ME”, but more thought out and carefully planned. If I receive money or a gift card, I let the person know what it will be used for. If it is a physical gift, I let them know how useful it will be in my personal or professional life. I thank them for their continued support of me, my dreams, and their presence in my life. I do all I can to let them know that what they do doesn’t go unnoticed.

This is a custom that my sister (and business partner) and I have carried into our side project, DoubleTake Productions. After we complete editing on a project, we think back to working with the client(s) and send a handwritten thank you note along with the final project. It’s not for notoriety nor a strong reputation (though those come along with it), but because we are genuinely thankful that people are choosing to work with us – to put their memories in our hands.

I challenge you to do the same. Have a coworker that is just doing an outstanding job? Let them know in person or with a thank you note. Someone hold the door for you? A quick thank you and a smile are always polite. Are your wedding vendors going above and beyond in accommodating your perfect day? A nice note and a tip or a small gift are more than generous.

Note: a gifted bottle of champagne doesn’t hurt in any of these situations. Though, I would be hard-pressed to have any handy to gift to the person holding a door for me. Sorry, person-holding-the-door-for-me.

Do YOU accept the challenge to personalize your gratitude a little more, outside of the “25 days of thanks” or the month of November?

I do.

❤ The RoaminTwin



The number 19.

On most days, this number holds little significance to myself, or anyone for that matter. No matter what the occasion, when you get to the number 19, you usually think to round up or down: class rank, money, age (probably to 21), and so forth. Well, today, the number 19 is the most significant number on the planet to me.

It is my brother, Nathan’s, birthday today. He would be 19 years old.

I remember flowers, and hugs, and tears, and an outpouring of love. I remember being so excited that various family members were coming into town from all over the country and that my sister and I had a multitude of people to play with us. I remember flashes of the funeral and feeling so small among the grown ups crowded in our little house. I remember being picked up and passed from one end of the house to the other to find my parents.

I remember vividly, and think that this event might be the cause of my elephant memory.

Nathan’s still birth 19 years ago really put things into perspective for me. It brought to my attention that I needed a strong core group of people surrounding me, and that the strongest of that core would be family. I realized, even at the age of 4, that he was in a better place — though earth is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Over the years, Nathan’s birthday has served as a reminder to live life to the fullest; not every person gets that opportunity. It is a marker that our family has grown another year stronger and closer in love. Tragedy like this didn’t break my parents, didn’t scar my sister and I, didn’t sever our bond. Today makes me appreciate my parents more and more, as parents and as very strong human beings.

Today makes me sad, but it also makes me happy. I didn’t get to know Nathan in person, but I think he would be proud to call me his sister. Maybe I make up for the loss of one brother in the attention I show the brother that we got to keep, and I am OK with that. I would like to think that we would all be as close as the remaining 3 of us have been, and that he would have grown into a wonderful young man, with those brown curls he was born with (just like mine!). Today reminds me that I have had a guardian angel looking after me for 19 years, and that I am one of the luckiest people in the world for that.

My wish is that I don’t get into any trouble today that would need guidance from him, to give him a birthday break.

So, here’s to you, Nathan Christopher! You light up our lives with a mere memory. I hope we are all living enough to our potentials to make up for the time you didn’t get!

Love, your sister,



Hello, and HAPPY Wednesday to you, dear friends!

I hope that outside, your Autumn-time is just as gorgeous as what is here. Unfortunately there are no windows in this office-o-mine, so I can’t see it during the day. But, maybe that is fortunate as I would get distracted by the beauty of the changing and falling leaves!

Regardless, this season is the perfect season for a photo shoot. And wouldn’t you know it, my engagement session was yesterday! I haven’t been the subject of one of these since I was a senior in high school!

It was windy, chilly, and we had to work through some obstacles with lighting and nosy naysayers, but we accomplished what we went to do, and I can’t WAIT to see the end result!

The reason I titled this post “glamour” is because Timmykins and I enjoy playing dress up. No, I am not talking about kindergarten indoor recess where he would play dress up with the girls (result of 5 older sisters, no?), but we LOVE to glam it up! He enjoys suspenders and bow ties, while I love an excuse to wear a fancier-than-my-everyday dress. We took the opportunity last night to play dress up! It was so much fun!

I wish it were as acceptable to dress up in ball gowns, tuxedos, etc. for everyday activities as it is to wear pajamas and sweats in public. I think I am going to start a trend…

Regardless, as I stated yesterday: I just can’t WAIT to get these photographs back! And then to play dressup with Timmykins for the rest of my life 🙂

But, you know, not the kindergarten recess kind…

Does dressing up amp up YOUR happiness levels?

❤ The RoaminTwin


I may or may not have brought this little champagne ditty (center-ish of the photo) out from the back of my closet for last night’s shoot. Hard to believe I haven’t worn it since 2005!


The last couple of weeks have been crazy hectic for me in my work life, and my schedule bled in to my personal life, so I apologize for the lack of posting on my end! It is such a benefit for me to be able to sit down and take the time to blog, and I have been lost without this daily routine! But I’m BA-ACK!

Today, I want to reflect a little bit on rejuvenation. According to Merriam-Webster online, “rejuvenate” means to give new strength or energy (to something).

Yes, I just gave you the dictionary definition of a word. I do this because so often I hear the term tacked onto commercials for “age-defying” creams, laser treatments, cosmetic surgeries. They merely use the word for its surface qualities, not for what it truly, deeply means.

For instance, after the past few weeks of what some might consider work hell (I consider it keeping my mind and body active, spicing things up in the work place, and job security 🙂 ), I took this past weekend to do one thing: nothing. OK, there was a little activity mixed in-a trip to the ring store in search of a new wedding ring for Timmykins, a friend’s house for some football, a going away bonfire-but this weekend mainly consisted of napping, resting, and napping some more. I turned into a temporary narcoleptic and fell asleep basically everywhere I was. And you know what? I didn’t feel one pang of guilt. Still don’t. Usually, if I am that unproductive with my time out of the workplace, I go nuts on myself. I feel that if I am not multitasking all the time, I am wasting my life.

That’s not the case. And I am glad that I let myself have a rejuvenating weekend where I could recharge my batteries and get ready for the rest of life. Just because big events at work have come to a close (for the time being) doesn’t mean that everything else stops to give me a break. I had a lucky weekend 🙂

And sometimes, little sparks of rejuvenation are needed throughout the week to keep me going. Is that the case for you as well? They come in many forms: from holding a baby, to hearing my favorite song on the radio, to what happened today.

Today’s happiness comes from looking forward to my engagement picture session this evening. Of course, I always love time spent with Timmykins, but this evening we are going to get dolled up to hang out, and just happen to have a photographer close by to capture it. This morning was bleak as I thought the location I have had in mind for AGES wasn’t going to work out due to closing time being well before sunset. Sunset is my favorite time of day, and I really wanted to incorporate it into the shoot. Wah wah wahhhhh.

I got a little shot of rejuvenation when I heard back from the owner of the property that it would be open late this evening. Yee haw! I get the engagement photo shoot of my dreams!

And I can’t wait to share it with the world, either.

What has been your shot of rejuvenation so far this week?

❤ The RoaminTwin

hough I am not one to like over-posed photographs, let’s hope some of tonight’s are a little more attractive…

Sleeping In

One of the best/worst feelings in the world. When done in a timely manner (on a day where things aren’t quite so hectic), sleeping in can have you wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

However, it happens most to me when I have 10 minutes left to get to work or a deadline to meet or an event to attend. Then I wake up feeling like I need to sleep for another week and a half and will never be rested again.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of sleeping in when there was nothing to do. OK, there is never nothing to do, but no deadlines for that day.

When was the last time YOU slept in? Was it when you needed it most or did it affect you negatively? Do you do it too often?

If you haven’t tried it for awhile, take a stab at it this weekend. Don’t set an alarm. Or for those of you that NEED an alarm to reassure you, set it for 10 or 10:30!

❤ The RoaminTwin


No no. This is not me sleeping in. This is falling asleep early. And it happens quite often. I think it’s a form of narcolepsy.

Child Labor

What makes me happy today?

My friend is in labor with her first child (got you with that title, didn’t I?).

Per my personal Facebook status: Oh my goodness! So much work to do but I can’t help getting a little side tracked thinking of [my friends] and my soon-to-be new little [baby] friend! I am in a glass case of emotion right now and may scare my coworkers with short bursts of yelling throughout the day! I love you guys!

This little girl being born means so much. She will be named after her grandfather who passed away shortly before her parents found out she was on her way. I love when people give their kids meaningful – as opposed to popular – names. Of course, I haven’t been in the position of naming a baby myself yet, but baby names have been swirling in my head as far back as I can remember.

Regardless, I am ready to meet this baby and see what she will do with this world. With parents like hers (especially her mama), she is going to be quite the fun one to watch!

Are there any little ones that bring joy to YOUR life? Please share! I get sidetracked by baby stories and pictures!

❤ The RoaminTwin


Hangin’ out with my baby friend whose birthday is TODAY!

Playing Dress Up

Hello, Splendid, Happy People!

I must admit: I was going to write about something completely different today. Maybe even opposite of what I AM writing about. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you a joy that I don’t often partake in at this point in my life. That joy is playing dress up.

Last night, I decided to pick out my outfit for today. Usually, I throw something together when I wake up, but since a video project I was working on for a client was still rendering, I thought: What the hay? As I sifted through the dresses and sweatshirts hanging in my closet (the majority of the clothing I own), I found a dress at the back that I haven’t seen for AGES! It is all sequined gold and silver, very 20s flapper. I got it in high school for a dance and never wore it. Until today, only my sister wore it for a sorority function.

I decided I was going to wear it, but I wanted to dress it down a bit. So I found a flowy tank and thrift shop blazer to wear over it, along with some nude heels. Though I toned it down, I am still FEELIN’ FANCY! I even added a pearl bracelet and the blazer is a little ill-fitting, making making me feel the ensemble came right out of my parents’ closet.

This is a post about a totally minuscule thing in my life. But that minuscule thing makes me happy beyond belief. It is a spark in my week. Plus, I feel like everything these days is too casual, so why not spice it up a bit with an evening dress at work? Am I right?

Challenge: dress up for one day of work in the next week. Note how you feel. Is it a bit of pride and happiness in an area of your life where you normally would feel indifferent? FIGHT THE INDIFFERENCE! CHOOSE HAPPINESS!

❤ The RoaminTwin

Hey! That’s ME! I took the below picture a few moments ago to send to Timmykins. Sorry for the poor quality, and eye-sore of editing skills on top of that. I wanted to get this all together and scheduled to post before heading to work! I was just SO excited! I promise that from now on, I will create images that are much more put-together for you all. Happy Thursday!


Great Expectations

Hello, Happy People!

Today, I am going to talk about something that I might have a bit of a problem with: setting clear expectations. I am a pretty free-flowing type of person, so my flexibility provides ample space for things to go differently than expected. Plus, I can’t make a decision to save my life, so solid planning and expectations are more stressful to me than things not going as anticipated.

I guess I am not the only one.

Now, I adore my clients. I love that they come to me for important projects in their lives: from wedding videos to family portraits, event planning and more. But, from now on, I am going to ask one thing of not only my clients, but myself: let’s all set clear expectations. Because sometimes, as much as I expect out of myself in the creation of these nuggets of happiness, others may expect different.

Right now, I am working on a wedding video to be shown at a reception this weekend. Communication has been a little hazy (with the client out of town, pictures across different states, and the general hubbub surrounding a wedding in all of its glory), and I was unable to get all of the materials together until this past weekend. The only expectation I set for this? We usually ask that we get all of the materials at least 3 weeks in advance for ample time to perfect. But we will make it work.

And, I can make it work. But not without stress, late nights, and the ever-popular ‘shoulda-woulda-couldas’.

What I do is too important not to perfect, not to stress over. As I said before: I always expect the most out of myself, and much to my detriment.  I just know that from now on, when first speaking with a client, the VERY first thing that will happen is a clear set up of expectations from both sides. When it comes to things like this, I can’t just throw in the towel, and I am always willing to help someone in a bind. So, the conversation will probably begin with: here are my expectations for perfection, and here are my “Oh Sh*t!” expectations, for last minute clients.

Right now, I am working with perfection expectations on an Oh Sh*t! timeline. Neither party was clear, and this is a good learning experience (see that positive spin, there?).

So, Happy People, when it comes to ANYTHING from business transactions to interactions with family and friends: make clear your expectations. People can’t work off of I-don’t-knows. If we all can communicate a little better how we want an outcome, the world would be a happier place.

And, isn’t that just lovely?

❤ The RoaminTwin


Guilty Pleasures

Happy Tuesday, All!

I have to be truthful here: I had a mental block today. This doesn’t happen often, because I have so much to smile about! But today started off a little downer, and the inspiration just didn’t come to me.

Until I got around to thinking about how I WISH I could have a dark dark DARK chocolate candy right now. Not a full bar, just a little piece. Or be in zumba class. Or have a glass of red wine in hand at work. Or even how I would rather have Miley Cyrus’ latest trainwreck, ‘We Can’t Stop’ stuck in my head than nothing at all.

Welp, there it is! We can’t stop…and we won’t stoooooop…

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. And they wouldn’t be called “pleasures” if they didn’t bring us some kind of joy. I feel like my guilty pleasures break up the monotony that life turns into sometimes. Maybe that is where I am at today. I need a little shake up. I want something more than to wake up, think about working out (and then not), going to my 9-5, eating as cleanly as possible, working my side hustle/working out/my brothers’ sporting events, going to bed.

And, I don’t feel like a robot most of the time, but today is just one of those days in a million.

Even one little piece of chocolate would mix it up for me. And just placing the thought of it in my mind makes me happy (sans the calories).

What are some of YOUR guilty pleasures? Do they bring more guilt than happiness into your life?

❤ The RoaminTwin