Float On

There is nothing like returning home from a float trip in the po-dunk middle of nowhere to make a girl feel clean, grateful, loved, and HAPPY.

OK, not fully clean. I feel like I need to take 25 showers before all of the grime from this past weekend is washed away. But cleanER.

Aside from the torrential downpour, my tent failing us, sleeping in the car, and the strippers next door, it was adventurous and exciting! I have never been on a float trip, and was thoroughly surprised (and grateful) that the only time we over-turned was due to an unbalanced friend who we were giving a lift to his own canoe that had floated upstream.

I spent the weekend with friends I never see (but enjoy), in an unknown place, trying something new and challenging. So worth it!

But, one of the best parts about leaving, is coming home. Yes, I enjoy adventure, but I enjoy my climate controlled home and my dry, plush bed just as much.

What are your thoughts on returning home? Do you ever leave?

❤ The RoaminTwin


I am just going to come out and say it: tomorrow, I officially turn 1 year older.

The thing is, this number ’23’ that I am turning means I have already lived 23 years, and tomorrow, I start my 24th. Mind-boggling, right?

But it makes me stand back and think: have I really DONE anything in these last 23 years?

Insert taking-inventory-of-life HERE.

I guess the answer is yes. Am I where I want to be? No. Am I afraid to move into the next year? No. I love celebrations. I love parties, surprises, and gifts. Mainly, I love to GIVE gifts and surprises, so thank goodness I share my birthday with my sister 🙂 Despite loving all of those things, my birthday is really just a reminder.

A reminder that I am, legally, 1 year older.

Sometimes, when I am feeling down, it reminds me that: “HEY! YOU! Look how old you are, and you aren’t where you want to be in life! (Yeah, birthdays can be pretty mean).

Other times, when I CHOOSE to think positively, my birthday says to me: Hey, look how happy you are! AND how much you have accomplished! O, and you haven’t died yet! Congrats!

It’s really all how you choose to perceive it.

So, instead of being down-in-the-dumps that I am another year older, I am going to put on my heels and STRUT into 23 (or, my 24th year).

And no looking back.

❤ The Roamin Twin

*Happy Birthday to my other April babies, including:


“New” Ways to Be Happy

Oprah has come out with “7 New Ways to Be Happy”. They are:

1.  Life has a purpose.
2.  Inner happiness can’t be taken away.
3.  In place of consumerism, you can base everyday happiness on relationships.
4.  In place of distractions, you can fill your time with activities that make your heart grow.
5.  You can find a place beyond fear that crises and anxiety cannot touch.
6.  You can find a place of peace that stress cannot wear out.
7.  Wellness will make your body happy.

(This is all I am going to chalk up from this piece. Full article can be found here – http://www.oprah.com/spirit/7-New-Ways-to-Be-Happy#ixzz2PzM3UA1K ).

I thought this sounded like a fabulous subject to read about, considering the subject matter of my blog, and was ready for Oprah to enlighten me. And what I read was underwhelming.

A nice reminder, maybe. But I read reminders every single day. What was so NEW about this article? These are all subjects that have been explored in the way of happiness. Heck, I have touched on most of them, and this is a fairly young outlet.

But, let these be a reminder to you. And seek happiness as you would like to seek it. Happiness is not the same for each individual, nor can the way it be sought the same.

So, thank you, Oprah, for reminding us to stay on track, for motivating us even, but this idea of seeking happiness is as old as humanity.

Well, shoot, was that kind of negative? Eh, just read back over Oprah’s 7 New Ways to Be Happy 🙂

❤ The Roamin Twin