A Test of Patience – And My Relationship

Raise your hand if you are patient 100% of the time.

I anticipate – even sitting by yourself on the other side of the computer screen – that not one person raised their hand.

Before Timmykins, I might have. I might have said I am the most patient person in the world. WRONG! I am pretty darn patient though. But when Timmykins decided months ago that he was going to play in an outdoor pond hockey tournament in northern Wisconsin in February – smack dab in the middle of winter – and that I was going to join him on the 10 hour drive to cheer him on, I knew right then and there that this was going to be the biggest test of my patience.

First of all, I do not hold the same passion for hockey as he does. I am proud of him for chasing after a childhood dream in learning to both skate and play hockey in the last couple of years, but being raised around the NBA and NFL, hockey just doesn’t top my list of favorites.

Second of all, bunking in a cabin with a bunch of his teammates that I don’t know that well just didn’t sound appealing to me.

Add on top of that the looooong drive and the blustery, freezing conditions (windchill sat at -27 on one of the 2 days of play). This is a recipe for Whiny RoaminTwin.

I chose to (attempt to) look upon this journey as an adventure. Something new and fun that we have never done before.

And I will tell you that, despite my telling myself everything was going to be swell and I was looking at it all wrong, the whole shebang just did not turn out to be my cup-o-tea. But when Timmykins is playing hockey, he is in one of his elements, and I just love supporting him. I will admit I was a little extra whiny and overdramatic (I admitted to it as it was happening on the trip), but the elements will do that to a person, right?

Being a week out from this trip, I can see the majority of it as an adventure. The last big trip with Timmykins before I become his wife next month. I can even already laugh at all the misfortunes of the trip (there were many).

But I will tell you this: it was not the end of the world. I survived people, weather, and sleeping on a pullout couch. And if our relationship could survive the craziness of last weekend + the float trip we embarked on this past July, we can survive nearly everything.

What has tested YOUR patience and perspective recently?

❀ The RoaminTwin



Hello, Fine People!

Today, my patience is being tested.

Namely, with wordpress. Have you ever typed out an entire blog post, hitting the “Save Draft” button millions of times along the way, just to have all of your work disappear?

Yup. That happened to me today. It took a post I have been thinking on for several days, and just wiped it clear out of existence.

Maybe it is someone’s way of telling me to rethink, revise, make it better. So, that is what I will make an attempt at. I may get it to you today. It may take me a week. Regardless, I will complete, even just for my piece of mind.

What is testing YOUR patience today? What positive spin can you give it?

Deep. Breaths.

❀ The RoaminTwin