Happy Tweets Monday #50!

Looking back through past Happy Tweet posts, I realized that this is the 50th compilation of Tweets that I have shared on this blog based on happiness, success, and overall well-being. I have found them to be nice reminders – especially on those tough-to-live-through Mondays – of what I can do and how great my life is with the right mindset!

This week’s kind of have the theme of looking inside yourself for happiness. It is you and you alone who makes YOU happy, by what you say, think, how you act, and your perspective. So say only good, think productively, act wisely, and keep a positive perspective.

And I will work on me too 🙂 Enjoy!

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. –Aristotle
« Being busy does not always mean real work. » Thomas Edison
« Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do. » Dale Carnegie
« Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. » E. Nightingale

The secret of success is constancy to purpose. – Benjamin Disraeli
« Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind. »E. Nightingale
❤ The RoaminTwin

On My Mind For 5 Years!

So, something has been on my mind for nearly 5 years, and yesterday, I finally brought it back up with the person I shared the experience with 5 years ago!

Here is what I wrote on my former college RA, Michael’s, Facebook wall:

I want to tell you about an interaction you had with me nearly 5 years ago! You were my RA, and it was one of the last nights of my freshman year at USD. I wanted to go out, but was just lazy with my hair, and pinned it back in what looked like a loose bun. With the natural curl.

You ran into me in the hallway and said: I love your hair and makeup! It all looks so ETHEREAL!

Let me tell you…I had to look up the definition. BUT I have remembered it ever since. When people have asked me what 3 words I would use to describe my dream wedding, I have said: personalized, classic, and ethereal.

You helped inspire the look of my dream wedding…5 years ago! And my wedding updo? My sister pinned it up in a curly, loose, low updo. Which I have loved the look of ever since your compliment that night.

Thank you so much, Michael! Your words have spanned 5 years, and will continue to! It shows how one compliment can change a person’s perspective and life!

His response to these words that were long overdue was just so sweet! 2 lessons learned from this interaction that began 5 years ago:

1. One things said – good or bad – can stay with a person forever. Why waste your energy on formulating the bad towards someone else?

2. If someone is on your mind – the person, something they said or did for you – connect with them! ESPECIALLY if they have had a big impact in your life and might not know it! It will brighten their day, week, or even life 🙂

Now, go out there and GET HAPPY, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin
My beautiful sister and I 5 years ago on the EXACT night I had the lasting interaction with Michael. Remember it like it was yesterday.
She and I on my wedding day last week. Similar hair, no?

A Test of Patience – And My Relationship

Raise your hand if you are patient 100% of the time.

I anticipate – even sitting by yourself on the other side of the computer screen – that not one person raised their hand.

Before Timmykins, I might have. I might have said I am the most patient person in the world. WRONG! I am pretty darn patient though. But when Timmykins decided months ago that he was going to play in an outdoor pond hockey tournament in northern Wisconsin in February – smack dab in the middle of winter – and that I was going to join him on the 10 hour drive to cheer him on, I knew right then and there that this was going to be the biggest test of my patience.

First of all, I do not hold the same passion for hockey as he does. I am proud of him for chasing after a childhood dream in learning to both skate and play hockey in the last couple of years, but being raised around the NBA and NFL, hockey just doesn’t top my list of favorites.

Second of all, bunking in a cabin with a bunch of his teammates that I don’t know that well just didn’t sound appealing to me.

Add on top of that the looooong drive and the blustery, freezing conditions (windchill sat at -27 on one of the 2 days of play). This is a recipe for Whiny RoaminTwin.

I chose to (attempt to) look upon this journey as an adventure. Something new and fun that we have never done before.

And I will tell you that, despite my telling myself everything was going to be swell and I was looking at it all wrong, the whole shebang just did not turn out to be my cup-o-tea. But when Timmykins is playing hockey, he is in one of his elements, and I just love supporting him. I will admit I was a little extra whiny and overdramatic (I admitted to it as it was happening on the trip), but the elements will do that to a person, right?

Being a week out from this trip, I can see the majority of it as an adventure. The last big trip with Timmykins before I become his wife next month. I can even already laugh at all the misfortunes of the trip (there were many).

But I will tell you this: it was not the end of the world. I survived people, weather, and sleeping on a pullout couch. And if our relationship could survive the craziness of last weekend + the float trip we embarked on this past July, we can survive nearly everything.

What has tested YOUR patience and perspective recently?

❤ The RoaminTwin


Practically Perfect In Every Way

Those that are close to me know that the title of this post encapsulates the last couple of weeks for me (and no, I am not saying it describes me!).

On October 31st of this year, I arrived at work in a white blouse, red bow tie, blue skirt, black tights, black kitten heels, white gloves, pea coat, and a black hat adorned with daisies and red bulbs. My hair was in a low bun, I had rosy cheeks and I carried a floral duffel bag and an umbrella. With a parrot head at the base.

I was none other than one of my favorites…

and if you don’t yet know to whom I am referring, then you better check yourself

Mary Poppins!

I had so much fun creating this costume, mainly out of items I already owned (yes, the umbrella was in my arsenal prior to my thinking up this idea), and being a childhood favorite of mine for an entire day. Luckily, my place of work not only allows, but encourages this childlike behavior on October 31st.

The movie, Mary Poppins, has remained one of my favorites from childhood through to this point in my life, and I don’t see it going away any time soon. As I have grown, it has gone from fanciful magic, to adult lessons learned. I love when film can develop with a person, and this is a timeless example of that.

To add to that, I won tickets to see the unreleased Saving Mr. Banks last evening! It has the magic and wonder of the first film, primarily from a more adult perspective. If you have no idea what this is, check out my previous post with the film trailer, and then see it when it comes to theatres on December 20th!

I recommend it highly. As do I recommend a spoonful of sugar whilst taking medicine 🙂

Has anything made you as giddy as I in the last few weeks? Please share!

❤ The RoaminTwin

Just for me

Self-love. It is something we all need to work on. It is something that will come up many times, especially in each of our individual happiness journeys.

We must strive not to compare ourselves to others. They are suffering things we may not know about or see. They feel fat, ugly, and flawed. No one should ever feel that way about themselves, but everyone has their moments, their phases.

We have everything we will ever need in ourselves. We are our own best friend and worst enemy. We need to live with ourselves for the rest of our life, so why not love ourselves?

This quite possibly could be a post solely for me. I needed a reminder, and who better to have kick me in the butt about it than myself?

I hope this also changes your thoughts and feelings towards yourself. At least for today. Maybe forever.

Just love yourself. Please?

❤ The Roamin Twin

Big. Fat. Whiner.

It’s the most stressful time of the year!

At least here in my office it is! It seems like the bulk of my work for the last year is leading up to the next couple of weeks. And boy am I feeling it!

And I think my coworkers can tell.

A recent joke has erupted among the office folk: Boy, you are such a whiner! And it is directed at me. I know the intentions are good, and the message is just to pick at me, but it is true!

And I must stop it once and for all!

To be a person who is always searching for happiness, and then to have someone point out how much I complain. The illusion is shattered. And that is what is best for me right now.

So, I am going to heed my own advice and change my perception of life. How things are panning out. Whether things are going to plan or not. The people I am frustrated/happy/sad with. A positive spin isn’t naive, it’s opportunistic.

And, maybe I will whine a little less. Maybe

❤ The Roamin Twin