Intimidation vs. Motivation

What intimidates you?

That was probably an easy question to answer. Everyone has at least ONE thing that intimidates them. Is it motorcycles? Your work/school rival? The mere idea of CrossFit?

Now, answer me this: WHY does this thing/things intimidate you?

Fear? Jealousy? Inadequacy?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, yesterday I decided to take something that has always intimidated me and turn it into motivation…

ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue (find this year’s photographs HERE)

Every year until now I have avoided this. Why? Because I personally have had body issues. Those athletes with their god-like physiques intimidate the HELL out of me. They make me feel more inadequate than I feel on a daily basis, and that is pretty damn bad. Pure muscle. Pure beauty. Pure talent. Pure poise.

All things I wish I had.

This year, I am taking a different perspective on this. I looked the the photographs once, and will continue to every time I need a pick-me-up, or motivation to work harder, eat healthier, and try new things. These athletes are grateful for their bodies, therefore they take care of them. It is time I did the same, instead of falling into this self-loathing crap.

Now I’m going to look up the healthiest food I can eat at the restaurant I am going to tonight. It’s a start, right?

What are YOU going to do to face what intimidates you?

❤ The Roamin Twin


So, in late 2012 (I think) I joined this trend called Twitter. Many of you have heard of it, used it, and abused it.

Stop. Please? No reason to use it to “secretly” lash out at your friends or complain about your boss who are ALL ON TWITTER.

Join me (and follow me at @RoaminTwin) in being more PROACTIVE with your Tweeting!

First: start following @MikiStrong (well, second. First should be following ME at @RoaminTwin, if you feel so compelled). Miki is a Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist & Money Mentor whose tweets and blog posts are short and sweet, but informative and practical (to say the least). I totally have a crush on her Tweets (shhh…don’t tell her!)

Second (or third, however you feel like counting): READ THIS blog post from Miki: How to Define Your Annual Theme and Anchor Words (ditch the New Year’s resolution)

Third: Complete the exercise in the post.

Wait a minute, WHAT? I have to do WORK?

Well, yeah. But only if you REALLY want to change your life for the better. Your outlook, perspective, and loved ones will take notice and thank you. So, if you are TRULY only looking to gain attention, you should do this exercise as well. Then post on Facebook Twitter, MySpace, Diddle, Tweedly, and WordPress that you completed it.

Don’t panic. A handful of those aren’t real. Or ARE they?

I have already done half the work by defining my 2013 Theme: LIVE HONESTLY. But now, I am going to use this outlet to answer all subsequent questions and get a better grasp on how I want 2013 to pan out. You with me?

Q1: What were your successes last year?

I completed a LivingSocial promotion with mine and my sister’s independent business/project: DoubleTake Productions (shameless plug, I paid cash for a NEW (to me) car at age 22. I was hired on full-time at a job I adore (I must’ve done something right. Right?). I traveled like CRAZY – Las Vegas, New York (x3!), San Diego + all around the Midwest – some for work, some for play (which really means ALL for play). I made the conscious decision to live a positive and healthy lifestyle (losing 20 L-Bs towards the end of the year), maintain only healthy, beneficial relationships, and to get back into working hard for my one love. My true love. FILM.

I don’t think about this often, but that seems to be a pretty damn successful year! Pat on the back for me!

Q2: What didn’t work last year? Where do you feel you fell short in your expectations? Why?

I did not become the fit and toned BEAST I told myself I would. Nor did I direct a major motion picture or make a million dollars. I would my not being able to reach any goal – big or small – is totally due to how lazy I can get sometimes. A lot of the time, I lose sight of where I want to be and the kind of hard work it will take me to get there. All-you-can-eat-pancakes? Is that even a question?

I stayed in my comfort zone. Then my lazy zone. Then I flat out hibernated. In nearly every aspect of my life. I can’t just expect success and happiness without trying a little. And YOU CAN’T EITHER! Trust me!

So, do what YOU need to do, and I will continue to do what I need to do. I will use this blog as an outlet to reflect, seek happiness, and share.

OK, enough, let’s get this over with.

Q3: What do you MOST want to create in your business life this year?

Sorry, Miki, I am going to have to broaden this for myself. I want to create art with my life. Purpose. Happiness that radiates to everyone around me. Yes, thes are vague. But I think I have bored you all enough with some specifics above.

Q4: Who do you need to BECOME to create that in your business life?

I need to become me. Fully ME. I have been one half of a pair my entire life. 1/2 of a set of twins. 1/2 of a relationship. I will NOT be breaking up with my boyfriend OR my sister, but I need to complete some things on my own.

I need to become the most honest person I can be. Honest with myself, my loved ones, and the world. Honest in my storytelling, my writing, my eating, my activities: honest in everything.

So, in essence, I will become the most honest person IN THE WORLD.

Q5: What will it take to get that?

I need to write every day. I need to log exercises and drink more and more water (though it just runs through me). I need to de-clutter my life of negative people, negative thoughts, and all the negative crap in my room (honestly. I need to look at it and think human excrement. Then I will definitely get rid of it, right?). I also want to build relationships – through my career, this blog, in my current network – that are enriching and inspiring, both for me and others. So, let’s start today, OK?

I Repeat: LIVE HONESTLY 2013

Anchor Words:
Trust. Inspire. Enrich. Integrity. Consistency. Relationships. Refreshing. Persistence. Focus. Beauty. Grace. (all I can think of here is: She’s beauty and she’s grace / She’s Miss United Stateessssss. See also: ‘Miss Congeniality’) Poise. Voice. Individual. Community. Passion. Pride. Power. Confidence. Repetition (repetition, repetition. See also: my dad).


Theme: Live Honestly
Anchor Words: Focus. Passion. Poise.

Thanks for joining me on THAT marathon!

If this is how we are going to define the term “marathon”, you can go ahead and cross that off your bucket list. I know I am.

❤ The RoaminTwin