Wedding Wednesday #7: CEREMONY!

Good Evening!

It has been so difficult to sit down and put my full self into these posts as of late, that it has been weeks since the last Wedding Wednesday! I am highly disappointed in myself and only hope that you can continue to be patient with me as I transition back into blogging on a regular basis. I love it and hope that I can lend my thoughts and full self over to this blog more often.

ANYWHO! Today’s Wedding Wednesday is all about the ceremony! 

I know some people get married outside, some at an event venue, others at a courthouse, and then there are those – like me – who are married in a church.

1Our Wedding Day

We won’t get too far into logistics, but because Timmykins and I chose to be married in a church, there were rules we had to abide by. At first, the rules turned me off to this choice of setting. But I found ways in which to personalize it as best as possible, and it worked out splendidly. Timmykin’s father presided over the ceremony so he could personalize the homily to us as a couple, and he was emotionally invested in the wedding, so it was a very wonderful time.

On top of that, we were able to choose the readings, readers, liturgist, and music before and after the ceremony. Because we are not partial to church music, we chose not to have music during the ceremony. Doing this allowed us to make a few non-traditional selections:

The Skyrim theme song (this is a video game, and was strategically placed by my husband for when my brother first walked in. I am told the reaction was priceless
Favorite Things (Sound of Music) – what the wedding party walked down the aisle to
Climb Ev’ry Mountain (“) – what I as the bride walked down the aisle to
Skyfall (Skyfall – 007) – our exit music as a married couple “Let the sky fall…we will stand tall and face it all together”

If that isn’t a fun playlist for you, then choose your own! Seriously, it was so much fun to choose the music and so powerful to hear it played. Now I have those songs to connect with my high emotions from the day.

But my absolute favorite thing to personalize over the enter day – coming before decorations, food, music, everything – were the prayers of intention. There are guidelines to go by in the church, but I was ready to tailor them to exactly what we thought needed the most attention:

  1. For the Church and all of those seeking their vocations within it, especially Deacon Tony. That they find the fulfillment and joy in their work that they long for. 
  2. For all people. That we realize despite our race, sexuality, age, creed, and other unique traits, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and that may bring us together and lead us to a greater peace. 
  3. For E & T. As they embark on this new and exciting journey together, that their love for one another may bring happiness to them, and every life they touch. 
  4. For those that are sick, and those that are unable to join us today, especially Baba & Granny. That they may all feel the warmth of the love radiating from this gathering.
  5. For all of those who have died, especially John S., Roy Z., Ruby Z., Bob E., Ron P., Karl S., Roger S., and Anthony B. May they enjoy perfect happiness and total fulfillment in eternal life. 
  6. For all of us, here today, especially E & T. That we may all carry on the legacy and best attributes of those who have gone before us. Those attributes including, but not limited to: courage, loyalty, compassion, and forgiveness. And that with these tools in hand, we may all live our most rewarding lives.

I had my mom read the intentions, and because they were very personal to her as well, she choked up. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

2Not a dry eye

I highlight the majority of this last intention, because living out the legacies of my family and friends who have passed has become a major focal point in my life, and this intention truly came from the deepest part of me that I could access. We chose to make our big day not just about our union, but about the people who have supported us along the way, both living and deceased. So, basically it was just a big THANK YOU party!

4A token to remember…


Now, what are you doing to personalize YOUR ceremony? Do you tend to go by-the-book, or would you consider mixing in a few non-traditional details?

My advice? Do what makes you happy. There will be compromise between you and your betrothed, as well as family and friends, but ultimately it IS your day. 

❤ The RoaminTwin



Still Searching, Faith Restoring…

I have not abandoned you, dear readers.

Yesterday was an off day for me. I worked from home, which gave me some flexibility to have more of an active schedule (yoga, swimming, weight training), and still make it to watch Timmykins play hockey and work my full 8 hours.

But my mind was preoccupied. And it is something that I would like to ask for prayers/thoughts as you go about your week.

Please join me in praying for/thinking of my dear friends, Ryan and Malia, and their family as they search for their brother who went missing during a Monday evening run.

I would like to offer up a prayer for Chad, for his family, and for all of those lost and whom have lost loved ones. For those still waiting: may hope continue in the search and faith that they will come home to you.

I can’t go a minute without thinking of them, and praying for his safe return.

Times like these are desperately upsetting, and I feel helpless. But, at the same time, my faith in humanity continues to grow with the outpouring of support from every direction: our community of Liberty, Missouri, networks of runners, people of shared faith, high school friends and acquaintances…prayers from around the world: we are all human, and one community.

Bring Chad Home.

For more information, and to follow the efforts, please visit and LIKE:

❤ The Roamin Twin

A Prayer. Or Wish. Whichever you choose…

I will admit: I am not one who prays on a regular basis. Not on purpose. I have just let life get in the way. And that is no excuse.

But, just because I haven’t been the most devout pray-er doesn’t mean I don’t have a prayer in me. And today, I DO in fact have a very special prayer in me:

Today I pray for the cheerleaders. The spunky, upbeat motivators. The smiling, laughing optimists. They lift my spirits and bring sparkle and shine into this life-o-mine. I pray that they find the encouragement that they constantly give others, and know they have outlets in which to place their concerns as well. Positive outlooks are possible, but everyone has their days.

I hope that everyone-prayerful or not-can join me in this wish. You know who the cheerleaders are in your life. You also know if you are one of those people. Thank you so much for everything that you do; you do NOT go unnoticed.

Amen 🙂

Who are the cheerleaders in YOUR life?

❤ The Roamin Twin