I am a mess.

My clothes have gone unfolded for nearly a week. My sink is full of dishes. Thank you notes unwritten, knitting projects unfinished, and my office has yet to be unpacked and set up. I even took a day off of work.

I told myself to prioritize these things a couple of weeks ago. I finally have a home to myself (for the time being), and I want to keep it tidy, darnit!

But other things came up. Not tiny, unimportant things. My great aunt came to town (she is great, sure, but she is also my grandma’s sister), along with my 2nd cousin. I was given the opportunity twice in just over a week to see some great friends that I never see. This thing called Christmas happened. Family get-togethers, wrapping presents, opening presents, a plethora of food. A graduation party 2 hours away, and I spent the better half of a day putting together my wedding invitations.

All of this was so exciting, but somehow I still feel this pang of guilt when I think of the Christmas tree I haven’t watered in 2 days. Or the table that still needs to be unloaded from my trunk into my parents’ house.

Deep inside, I know that I prioritized well. That I would be more upset with myself had I not done all that I did and cleaned instead. Starting now, I am going to make it a personal goal of mine to stop being so hard on myself. I just need to realize that every decision I make is the best decision for me, and accept what I have known all along: that I am NOT the most organized person, but that somehow, my life goes on πŸ™‚

No, this isn’t a New Years Resolution (and, although I would love to stray from that formula of goals, I am in the midst of making some for 2014 right now), but a life resolution.Β 

And I think I will do pretty well with this one.

❀ The RoaminTwin