6 Things That Increased My Happiness This Weekend

What makes you happy? Is it the little things, or grand gestures? Maybe a new purchase or just relaxing for a day? Trying a new restaurant or looking through old photographs?

Well, this weekend was just filled to the BRIM with happy for me, and I want to share it! This helps me reflect on my happiness, and I hope that it makes you think of everything that makes you happy! Maybe you, too, can make a list! Enjoy!

1. On a whim, Timmykins drove me around some beautiful neighborhoods, and we window shopped for our dream home.

2. I mentioned that my back was hurting, Timmykins turned on some John Legend (which we have been listening to incessantly to prepare for his concert next week) and massaged out the knots in my upper back. Can you say – Spoiled Rotten?

3. Our wedding song came on while he was giving me said massage. So we danced in the living room and belted it out to one another.

4. THUNDERSTORMS! The lightning was BEAUTIFUL! I just wish they lasted longer!

5. We have been meaning to visit the cemetery for awhile. Our good friend is at the same one as my grandpa, so we visited them both (Timmykins finally got to meet my grandpa). That visit led to Timmykins driving me to meet his grandparents at another cemetery nearby. It was bittersweet, but a wonderful outing.

All of the above made my weekend wonderful, but one thing stood out and made it SPECTACULAR, and that was:

6. Receiving a sign from our friend at the cemetery. 

The night before he died, our friend and his new wife gifted us a figurine of two mice hugging (pictured in my I Love You post from a couple of days after the event). The reason for the mice is because Timmykins was once known as a “Church Mouse”, and they thought of us immediately upon finding this tiny gift.

When we walked up to our friend’s grave this weekend, there was a folding chair lying there so that visitors could sit and visit with him. Timmykins went to pick it up, and underneath it was a cute field mouse! Now, usually I wouldn’t call them cute, but this one was cute. The mouse stopped, looked up at Timmykins for a couple of seconds, then scurried off. When we were finished with the chair a few moments later and set it back down in its original resting place, the mouse reappeared from its apparent hiding spot in the tall grass next to our friend’s headstone, and quickly returned to his hiding place beneath the chair. I thought for SURE that it had run off into the open field.

Timmykins recognized the mouse immediately as a sweet “Hello!” from our friend. And it filled my heart with love and happiness.

What made YOU happy this weekend? Any delightful signs? Please share!

❤ The RoaminTwin
Our REAL first dance (that we reenacted this weekend in our living room)!