Happy Tweets Monday

Is it already that time of the week again??? Let me tell you: this weekend was WAY too relaxing. I think I got more sleep on Saturday and Sunday than I have in the last month total! With so much to catch up on and do – especially around the Holidays – I really can’t afford to nap so much! But you know what? I don’t feel an ounce of regret for my napping! It was especially nice to bring my family’s dog, Kali, over to my new house to cuddle with me.

But now, I need that extra push to get motivated to get all of my work done this week PLUS everything I meant to do this weekend (whoops)! 

So, here are some happy tweets that I know will motivate me to get off my ass and get moving! I hope they do the same for you!


Optimistic ‏@Optimism_Tweets
You don’t have to be happy with the truth. Just accept it and choose what you want to do about it.
Stage32.com – RB ‏@Stage32online
If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative. ~ Woody Allen
Optimistic ‏@Optimism_Tweets
Our best successes often come after our greatest disappointments.
Susanes Heart Quotes ‏@embracingchoice
May your joys be greater than the number of stars in the sky. ~Susanne #quote #newblogpost http://tinyurl.com/l3o3wr6 
Personal Development ‏@persdevquotes
« He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. »Da Vinci http://is.gd/M7snPm 
QuotesNSmiles™ ‏@QuotesNSmiles
“To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have.” — Ken S. Keyes
Motivation Locker ‏@MotivationLockr
Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
David Ning ‏@MoneyNing
Let’s repeat this together: “I have what I need, and I want what I have.” http://ow.ly/rk0o2 
Miki Strong ‏@MikiStrong
The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the Dictionary! pic.twitter.com/qWc0FEdyMD
Have a Happy HAPPY Monday, Happy People!
❤ The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets Monday

Yes, I know it’s Thursday, but it’s never too late for a Happy Tweets Monday, right?

Because sometimes we need a shot of motivation – a pick-me-up – EVERY day of the week!

Today’s is in honor of “Where’d-the-month-of-November-go?” Thursday! Whoopeee! Hope you are all geared up for the family holiday in just one week, with Black Friday sales to follow!


Inspiration4U ‏@lnspiration4U
“Whatever we put our attention on, will grow stronger in our life” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Fitbie ‏@Fitbie
“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin #Motivation
Personal Development ‏@persdevquotes
« There is little success where there is little laughter. » Andrew Carnegie
Personal Development ‏@persdevquotes
« Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best. » Andrew Carnegie
QuotesNSmiles™ ‏@QuotesNSmiles
“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” — Brian Tracy
Lori Fields ‏@RealBeautyIs
RT @WomenofSplendor If you’re passionate, convinced, in love w/ connecting with others & bringing them empowerment, there is no competition!
Addicted2Success.com ‏@Addictd2Success
“Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will NEVER be a perfect time to pursue your dreams & goals.”
Have a Happy, Happy Day, Happy People!
❤ The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets Monday

Good Afternoon! Does it still feel like morning to you? It sure does to me! I have been up for hours and have been working hard but don’t feel as though I have accomplished ANYTHING!

How are you feeling at this point in your day? Is it just another manic Monday? Are you beat up from a weekend that felt like work? Are YOU feeling accomplished?

Regardless of where you are at in your day (and please feel free to share!), here are some Happy Quotes to smile at, motivate, and inspire.


Women’s Health Mag ‏@WomensHealthMag
“Courage is grace under pressure.” —Ernest Hemingway
Inspiration4U ‏@lnspiration4U
“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – Tony Robbins
Liz Dennery Sanders ‏@SheBrandLiz
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle
Not Will Ferrell ‏@itsWillyFerrell
Alcohol isn’t the answer, but it does help you forget the question.

QuotesNSmiles™ ‏@QuotesNSmiles
If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else. – Laurence J. Peter
Addicted2Success.com ‏@Addictd2Success
“Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you, it’s time for a new start.”
Happy Monday, Happy People!
❤ The RoaminTwin


Prompt: Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?

A: I am in the running to be THE leader on happiness in it’s entirety online. I have so many ideas up my sleeve and I can’t wait to launch them to you, my community! As soon as I have some additional material for you, my lovely friends, then I will begin to step out of my comfort zone to contact media outlets and put myself out there on a different platform. I am not a bad public speaker, but at this point in time, I am out of practice and just don’t love it. I want to love it again. And with a lot of practice and will power, I will muster up the courage, and you will see me — YOUR go-to in the positive lifestyle category — on much more than just a blog on your computer screen.

I promise 🙂

If you want to check out my progress from day one, start HERE!

Enjoying the Blog Challenge material? Stop by my twin sister’s BLOG! We are answering the same questions separately to see how similar our answers are! Do YOURS match any of ours?

You may like this Blog Challenge, but I know why you keep coming back for more: HAPPY TWEETS MONDAY! This week is sure to be a doozy.


Stage32.com – RB ‏@Stage32online
Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. ~ Albert Einstein
Life’d ‏@Lifedcom
Success is not permanent & failure is not fatal.
Women’s Health Mag ‏@WomensHealthMag
“Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.” —John Wooden
Liz Dennery Sanders ‏@SheBrandLiz
“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets” -Steve Maraboli
Inspiration4U ‏@lnspiration4U
“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde
Stage32.com – RB ‏@Stage32online
The more you shout “Look at me” the less you earn the right to be looked at.

What are YOU motivating yourself to do? Ask for a raise? Start a fitness regimen? Propose?

By all means: DO IT. And Choose Happiness!

❤ The RoaminTwin


Happy Tweets Monday!

Good Morning, fellow Happy People!

I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend! For some reason I slept quite a bit, and if you know me, you know I am a multitasker who just likes to get things completed and out of the way. So, it bothered me a little bit. But after a short conversation with a fellow coworker, I am going to embrace the sleep. I don’t get enough of it on a regular basis, and my body told me to stop for a bit. Honestly, I feel so much more relaxed and ready to take on the world and this week!

So, without further ado, let me pass on some of that motivation and positive energy your way with this week with Happy Tweets Monday! And, boy is it a DOOZY! Enjoy!

Women’s Health Mag ‏@WomensHealthMag
“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” —John Maxwell
Liz Dennery Sanders ‏@SheBrandLiz
There’s always a bright side. If you haven’t found it, you’re not looking hard enough.
SHAPE magazine ‏@Shape_Magazine
“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” -The Incredibles
Runner Bliss ‏@RunnerBliss
You know what they say, it’s simple but not easy: you can’t out-train a bad diet, and a negative mind will never give you a positive life.
QuotesNSmiles™ ‏@QuotesNSmiles
“Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it better.”
Addicted2Success.com ‏@Addictd2Success
“To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You cant just accept the ones you like.” – Mike Gafka
Inspiration4U ‏@lnspiration4U
“Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested.” — Helen MacInness
❤ The Roamin Twin

Monday’s Happy Tweets

Do you have dreams, goals, and ambitions to fulfill? Is there an ‘OOMPH’ in your spirit and a pep in your step? Are you ‘Roamin 4 Happiness’? 

Regardless of if that describes you or not, I want it to. Hopefully these little Tweets o’ Wisdom from the last week will help you start the week off correctly.

So, wipe the bugs outta those eyes, give me the BIGGEST stretch you can, jump up and down, wiggle around, and SMILE! Happiness is within you, and these tweets should help motivate it out of you…or motivate some motivation 🙂


Jeanette JenkinsJeanette Jenkins ‏@JeanetteJenkins
You can’t control what people say to you or about you but you can always control your response.
Optimistic LifecoachOptimistic Lifecoach ‏@I_Am_Optimistic
Success… seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
QuotesNSmiles™QuotesNSmiles™ ‏@QuotesNSmiles
“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” – Tony Robbins
Addicted2Success.comAddicted2Success.com ‏@Addictd2Success
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou
Miki StrongMiki Strong ‏@MikiStrong
A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. ~ Grace Murray Hopper
Addicted2Success.comAddicted2Success.com ‏@Addictd2Success
No one in this world is rich enough to buy back their past. Make it your mission to live a life of a valuable success.
Please note that, week after week, many of these tweets come from the same accounts. If you like what they have to say, follow them! If you like what I have to say, follow ME (@RoaminTwin)!
Have a Happy Happy Monday, you Happy People, you!
❤ The Roamin Twin

Spite. Revenge. Success.

NEVER act in spite of someone else.

Revenge may seem warranted. It may seem necessary. It may seem like your only option, really.

But do not let your lust for revenge require you to act in spite, or turn into a spiteful being.

The greatest revenge is success.

Move forward with your dreams as if no one ever wronged you or cut you down. Of course, those are learning opportunities, but don’t let others’ words and actions mar you so badly that you are so fogged by hatred or regret that you can’t see to the other side.


Success in your personal, professional, and every day life. Success that you wish for. Take on a hobby and thrive. Make this work project the best project ever. Start a business, take some photographs, love like you have never loved before.


Get in shape. Eat well. Nurture a family. Travel the world.

Whatever it is you want to do, let that be your end goal.

Don’t focus on hurting others like they have hurt you. Don’t pick up a hobby or a project to ruin someone else’s life. If you don’t want that job that they, too, are vying for, don’t work hard for it to show them “who’s the boss”.

Let what they have done to you ignite a fire under your childhood dreams and your bucket list. Be your own person and challenge yourself.

Even if it takes the wrongs of someone else to start it up.

Everything happens for a reason. Every person is brought into your life to teach you something. Let all teach you that everything can have a positive outcome and no one can hurt you.

What will YOU do?

❤ The Roamin Twin

Happy Tweets Monday

Happy Monday, Happy People! 

Welcome to a new week! The possibilities and opportunities are endless! Keep up the positive attitude and hard work toward your goal(s) and love your life!

Here are some Happy Tweets to get you through this hot, sticky, (wonderful, beautiful…) Monday!

QuotesNSmiles™QuotesNSmiles™ ‏@QuotesNSmiles
“You are either moving towards or away from success at any given time. What direction are you headed in?” – Joel Brown
Optimistic LifecoachOptimistic Lifecoach ‏@I_Am_Optimistic
The best revenge is massive success. -Frank Sinatra
Life'dLife’d ‏@Lifedcom
Rather than aiming to be perfect, aim to be better than Yesterday.
Myq KaplanMyq Kaplan ‏@myqkaplan
i prefer pie and lattes to pilates.  <<Us too! 🙂
Words of WisdomWords of Wisdom ‏@LifeofMedley
“Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you’re not.”
Miki StrongMiki Strong ‏@MikiStrong
Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. ~ John C. Maxwell
Cheers to a positive and productive week!
❤ The Roamin Twin

Happy Tweets Monday

Hello again, Happy People! Welcome to a new week! This is your chance to start something: clean eating, an active lifestyle, start over; ANYTHING!

This is also the beginning of the work week (wah, wah, wahhhhh). Know what helps me through MY Monday? Some HAPPY TWEETS! Get motivated, and GET HAPPY!

Neil PatelNeil Patel ‏@neilpatel
It really isn’t a case of rich and poor, it’s a case of self motivation and nothing more.
Michigan NightlightMichigan Nightlight ‏@MINightLight
“Children see magic because they look for it.” -Christopher Moore #MIyouth
Inspiration4UInspiration4U ‏@lnspiration4U
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” -Albert Einstein
FITNESS MagazineFITNESS Magazine ‏@FitnessMagazine
“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” –Dalai Lama #FitQuote
^^Challenge accepted! I don’t know about you, but I plan to use this in all aspects of my life to challenge myself in ways I never would have dreamed of!…and to travel 🙂
Life'dLife’d ‏@Lifedcom
Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.
Runner BlissRunner Bliss ‏@RunnerBliss
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? — Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”
❤ The Roamin Twin

Successful Optimism with The School of Life

Thanks to my lack-of-attention when I need it most (I am a procrastinator til the very end, and proud!), I have run across a lot on the internets. One of the most recent things I have found is the School of Life. This school actually has 2 branches; one in Australia, and one in England (le sigh…my dream location).

However, they also post many of their lectures and summaries on the internet, so you don’t have to be there in person to retrieve the lessons. ‘How to be a Successful Optimist’ really caught my eye, so I read the most recent post of that series, ‘The Final Principle’.

I would have to both agree and disagree with this article. Agree on the stance that cynicism cannot be a part of moving forward with an optimistic life. Disagree with the ‘TRY’ part. In saying ‘I will try’, you are leaving room for error.


You have one life to live – as have I – and it’s time to live that life to the best of your ability.

Will mistakes happen? Yes. But mistakes and failures will come more frequently when ‘try’ is placed into the vocabulary.

So, I challenge you – as I challenge myself – to not use the word ‘try’.

Or, at least try.

❤ The Roamin Twin

Part 8 of the article, as well as links to the previous 7 principles, can be found here: