Wedding Wednesday #10: 2 Tasks You Can’t Trust ANYONE With.

Real quick, before I get started with Wedding Wednesday #10, I just want to toot our own horn: our wedding was featured on Wedding Wire! Of course, they don’t go into TOO much detail on their website. But that’s A-OK, you are getting all the need-to-knows RIGHT HERE!

Now back to your regular (fabulous) programming…

There are 2 INTEGRAL Tasks regarding your wedding-besides the getting married part-that you cannot trust with anyone but yourself (and maybe your spouse). Are you ready for what those are?

1. Ceremony Programs
2. Thank You Notes

At this point you know I am a personalization fiend, but these two items are uber personal. The program maps out what’s gonna happen and who is involved. The back of ours also included directions to the venue, tips for the evening (HEY! We will have March Madness on the bar TVs! Mimosas for all!), and – my very favorite – a Thank You to all in attendance.

What the heck, RoaminTwin?? Those are sent out after you open gifts!

Well, yes. And no. I am a pretty grateful person (and you should be for maximum happiness in your everyday life!), and I made sure to thank everyone involved every step of the way. I didn’t prepare much of a spoken thank you for the rehearsal dinner. But I did it anyway. And was a blubbering/nervous wreck the entire time.

We put a Thank You in our programs. I would share that with you here, but it was tailored for the crowd at the wedding. I did include that this celebration was as much for them as it was for us. Heck, besides the ceremony, every part of the wedding day is a big Thank You Note! Because each and every person in that room has been with us as individuals and as a couple, and have helped us grow into who we are today.


We carved out time to give a little Thank You Toast (or two or three – I kept grabbing the mic from Timmykins) before dinner. I was VERY thankful for my practice run from the night before. Because we will never have the same group of people in the same room at the same time ever again. Think about it. The room was bursting with L.O.V.E!!

Last but not least, we sent out Thank You Notes for the gifts we received. They were all purchased and made with the biggest amount of love, so I made sure to not only design the postcards (below), but also write notes that were filled with gratitude and sentiment. Because these aren’t just random people who decided to buy you gifts. These are your closest friends and family. They have been there for you through thick and thin. Good and bad. I mean, that’s why you invited them to your wedding, right??


Right? If not, why did you invite them, silly?

❤ The RoaminTwin

Thank You

Since I was born, a Thank You note has been written for every gift I have received. Before I could write, it was my mom who wrote them. As I got older, I wrote the simple kind:

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the blanket. It is so warm and I will love it forever.

Love, RoaminTwin

For the past 10 or so years, these have developed into more thoughtful and intricate notes. I let Uncle David know what I plan on using the gift card for. Aunt Vickie knows that I love sparkles, especially in my favorite color! And these thank yous are as sincere as can be: no just grazing the surface here!

My mom INGRAINED into her kids the importance of a Thank You note. Sure, most of them probably end up in the trash after being read once (though I would appreciate them to be at least RECYCLED), but at least for that one read-through, your loved ones know you took the time to think of them and their thoughtful gift and thank them. And the thing is, this practice of Thank You note writing all of these years has led to a greater understanding and appreciation of people and LIFE! Gratitude is not an automated response, but one of the deepest feelings I have ever–and will ever–feel.

What are YOUR thoughts on gratitude? Does it heighten your happiness, your life?

I know I have said this before, and I will say and feel it again: Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. For your support, your comments, your love. Without this close-knit community of happiness-seekers and journeymen, I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep doing what I do, in happiness. THANK YOU!

❤ The RoaminTwin

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