I Found The Gown!

Hi All!

I know that this is the SECOND post for the day, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. I. FOUND. MY. WEDDING. DRESS.

And boy, does it make me happy!

ee? HAPPY! (no, this is not my dress).

2 weeks ago I went shopping for a gown for the first time. Keep in mind, I have been engaged for 3 months by this point…but I was just dreading the process. I have never been a small girl, and not only are fitting rooms intimidating, but they are INFURIATING! The lighting casts a shadow that looks a lot like an excess of 30 pounds (or maybe I am 30 pounds overweight…whatever! 😛 ), and every single dressing room is like, 5,000 degrees!

So, henyway…2 weeks ago when I went, I took my mom and MOH (my twin sister). I was so tired from not sleeping the night before out of pure excitement, but there was a hint of promise. And two hours later, we walked out of the shop empty handed, tired, and cranky (OK, I think I was the only cranky one).

After my experience – though not horrible, not fruitful – I decided that last Friday was going to be THE day. I had a vision, I made it clear in my mind, and I announced it to coworkers and friends alike.

Walked into the gown shop at 2pm. Was out of there by 2:30pm…gownless. They had NONE of the styles/designers the advertise, and only had 3 dresses that KIND OF went with my vision. I tried on 2 of those 3. On a whim, I called a place down the street and asked if we could head over. Their afternoon was wide open (it was a Friday early afternoon). We walked in around 2:45 and walked out by 4.

But this time, I had a HUGE smile on my face.

The whole experience was SPLENDID! My consultant, Emily, asked me what I was looking for in a dress. I gave her 3-4 descriptors, and she was off, pulling dress after dress off the racks that matched my specifications. Got into the dressing room and there were CEILING FANS (a splendid surprise on a hot summer day). When my sister asked which dress I wanted to try first, I said “This one!” tugging at the first dress Emily had pulled for me.

Once I had the dress on, I walked out to the large mirror, my mom gasped, and I spun and swooshed the dress as I beamed in the mirror. This was it 🙂

After that, the dread melted away and I tried on a few other dresses just for funsies.

And I was happy. And I AM happy.

Have a happy HAPPY evening, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin

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Rest & It’s Opposite: Decision-Making

OK, so you know how I joked about yesterday–being the 7th day in the Blog Challenge–should have been the day of rest?

Well, I was wrong: TODAY was the scheduled day of rest! How about that?

So, I will take that scheduled rest in stride while still writing about happiness. Because that is what I do, and we all need a little reminder, right?

Yesterday my patience, dreams, and waistline were put to the test. Wedding dress shopping was overwhelming. I am not one who loves to go shopping for hours, nor do I like to try on clothing. The lighting in the fitting rooms is such so that every flaw is accentuated, and every outfit makes you look like the Michelin Man.

It probably didn’t help that I was tired as all get out. For some reason my mind was racing the night before with excitement and so many ideas. I MAYBE got 3.5 hours of sleep. Maybe.

But, through the clouds of white tulle, pile of dresses stacked to the ceiling (literally), and accessory after accessory of eye-catching sparkle, I came out of it with:

1. An open mind – dress styles I NEVER thought would look good on me, I can pull off. This does not make me stray fully from the ideas in my head, so that is good.

2. I am looking much more svelte these days! I thought my biggest challenge would be fitting into the sample dresses. Instead, my biggest challenge was that, even though I am fine with adding embellishments to a less frilly dress, it is really difficult to picture it all put together when you have the simple gown on. And, as I continue to slim down, it is also hard to want to pull the trigger on ordering a dress size 8 months in advance knowing that I will have to spend another few hundred $$ to have it resized. But, hey! I found proof that my healthy habits are paying off!

3. I just want to marry Timmykins. Every time I tried on a new dress, I had him in mind. Not what I would look like in the pictures, not what made me look the skinniest. I could only picture his face. Which makes it a little more difficult because he loves me in everything, and I can’t make a damn decision to save my life.

Am I expecting tears or just KNOWING that I found THE dress? Not at all. I wish it would happen, but I didn’t even cry when we got engaged. And I KNOW he is the one.

How are YOU on decision-making? Does it come easily for you? Can you teach me your ways? What kind of decisions – big or small – have you had to make recently?

Have a Happy Happy Day, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin